Step by Step Guide to Get Back Together With Ex

So you cant live without your ex any more and have been burning the midnight oil, rummaging through the cyber world looking for strategies in how to get back together with ex? If the answer is yes here is a step by step guide on how to get back together with ex that is sure to yield rave results.

Step #1 Be confident and patient: These are the two most important traits that you will need, if you want to get back together with ex. Take stock of your emotions, if you feel that you are too overwhelmed and that just about everything reminds you of your ex, get out for a few days so that you can clear your head. If you want to get back your boyfriend or girlfriend, it is imperative that you be able to think rationally and clearly. If you are emotionally unstable and fragile, you may end up digging a bigger hole for yourself.

Step #2: With your emotions firmly in control, formulate a strategy to get back your ex. The first step of this strategy is the set up phase. This phase starts right after the break up and lasts for two to three weeks. A simple thumb rule to follow is the more painful the split, the more time your ex will need to recover. This is also a good time to carefully analyze what went wrong in the relationship. There is no need to brood at home in this phase; as a matter of fact, you should go out and have fun. Eventually, the word will reach your ex and he/she will be forced to ponder over the wonderful times that you shared. This strategy also works because your ex may expect you to grovel on the floor begging for forgiveness but when you don't d anything of the sort, you throw your ex off and make him/her wonder what if this person moves on and finds another love interest.

Step #3: The next step is to get in touch with your ex; this can be done through email, messages or phone. Make sure that you are always friendly, polite and causal; there should be absolutely no emotional talk about the break up. In this phase, you are trying to be her friend, so even if she starts dating again, you need to be there for her all the time.

Step #4: This is the final stage known ad the seduction phase; this is where you let your ex see what she/he has been missing. This is a very important stage if you want to get back together with ex, so lets talk about how you can play this part of the game. You can flirt lightly with your ex, but do not end up in bed with him/her. If she is out dating her heart out; there is no reason why you should not follow en suite. But make sure that your ex always knows that there is nothing serious going on, you want his/her hopes to be alive. Behave with him/her just the way you would with one of your friend; this means that you have a free hand to check out a guy or a gal while you are with him/her. A little bit of jealousy and insecurity can help your cause but be careful not to over do things.

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