Get Back Your Girlfriend Without Mind Games or Tricks

You simply cannot trick somebody into loving you, if all those books on how to get back your ex have filled you wit thoughts of mind games and treachery that can be used to get back your girlfriend, you need to know that these tricks will only end up pushing her further away fro you. If you are seriously want to get back your girlfriend, be ready to work for it because reconciliation is certainly not an easy task; here are some tips that will help along the way.

Tip #1 Follow the "no contact" rule diligently: This means that you do not get in touch with your ex, no matter what. This includes any form of contact so if you cant stop yourself from sending text messages to your girlfriend, stay away from the cell phone for a while. If you do happen to see her at work or school, stay polite and do not talk about the relationship. Treat her like a business colleague or acquaintance.

Tip #2: Formulate a strategy to get back your girlfriend: If you want to get your girl back, you will need a plan and you will need to stick to it. It is very common to see people going through a break up; making the age old mistakes while trying to reconcile with their ex and falling flat on their faces. If you don't want to be one of them, it is imperative to chalk out a carefully thought about strategy.

Tip #3: Carry on with your life as you implement the strategy: You can't stop living just because you split with your girl, Go out, enjoy the world like you did before you met your ex, indulge in your favorite hobby, keep yourself busy so that you don't contact think about your ex. This is very important to stop your emotions from boiling to the point where you commit a stupid mistake.

Tip #4: Work on your self confidence: If you always wanted to shed a few pounds or wanted a more toned physique, this is a good time to join the gym or get a new haircut, start casual dating again. Anything that will improve your self confidence; the last thing that you want to do is make your ex feel that you can't live without her.

Tip #5: Establish contact: After the mandatory 3 or 4 week 'no contact' period, get in touch with your ex. This is a very important step in the reconciliation strategy and if you want to get back your girlfriend it is essential to get it right. Be friendly and casual; don't even hint about the break up or relationship. Instead talk casually about how the two of you have been etc. Once you have developed some amount or rapport, ask her our to coffee or lunch.

What you are trying to do here is forge a friendship with her, once she realizes how comfortable she feels with you, she will be happy to consider getting back together but while she makes up her mind it is imperative to keep your cool if you want to get back your girlfriend.

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