How to Get a Girlfriend and Keep Her

Knowing how to get a girlfriend is something most men may never learn in their entire lifetime. A lot of guys don't know what attracts women, and what women are looking for in a man.

Here's the thing, the high quality women in this world are desperately waiting for men to step up and become the type of men that they can give themselves to.

Imagine being with a phenomenal woman who is beautiful, intelligent and highly compatible with you. If you want to become the type of man that this incredible woman finds irresistible, then you must embark on a learning journey if you ever hope to improve these skills.

Here's what you need to do to get a girlfriend.

Gain More Confidence:

A man without confidence is a man who has been conquered in life. Unhappiness, depression, frustration, hopelessness, and more negative feelings come into play then.

There's no getting around it, women want a man who is confident. Confident with who he is, and who appreciates his life. A man who makes decisions without second guessing himself.

Get out and talk to new women every day. You will find yourself becoming more confident.

One way to gain some more confidence is getting to know as many women as you can. Get out and talk to new women every day. You will find yourself becoming more confident, and more attractive all the time.

Along with getting to know women, you will have to keep yourself from getting overly attached to one particular woman. Practice your socializing first. Didn't your friends always tell you that practice makes perfect?

Don't ask her out:

Why would I say not to ask her out, when this is the whole point? The reason I say this is because you don't want to ask her permission to take her out.

She'll wonder why you're asking her permission, and she'll start to think that you're not the strong, confident man she once thought you were.

So do you make her go out with you? Of course not! But you do want to suggest a meet up, and this is done after establishing an emotional connection with her.

Don't ask her out

So after she tells you things about herself, and you leave her with a little mystery about yourself, you say "Well hey it was good talking to you, but I have to get going soon. Lets meet up in a couple days so you can teach me more about you."

This shows confidence, and it tells her you're not an approval seeker. You will have to come up with your own way of suggesting a meet up, but make sure you're being assertive, and remember to get her number if you don't already have it.

Know How to Chase:

Men love to chase, and women love to play the chase game. This is why every man must be careful when chasing women.

Women have it programmed in their brains when it comes to a romantic interest with a guy, that "if he chases me, I'll run. If he doesn't chase me, I'll chase him."

This isn't true for everyone, but in most situations this is the way it goes. You need to know how to do it correctly in order to get this girl to keep going out with you.

So if you go out on a date with a woman, and she has a great time with you, she'll be thinking about you a lot. Then if you don't call her for a couple days, she'll be thinking about you even more.

Waiting too long to call could end up with her thinking you were never interested

Waiting too long to call could end up with her thinking you were never interested, then she ends up finding a man who is interested. But calling too much too soon, could cause her to think you're desperate and needy.

Remember one big thing when it comes to talking to women on the phone: always be the one to end the conversation. If you talk too much, she'll be the one to end it first, meaning she'll have the upper hand.

Know What You're Looking For:

Many pick up artists will teach you that in order to get a girlfriend you need to be sleeping with lots of women already. The reason they teach this is because the more women you sleep with the more confidence you gain, and you will also have a great mix of women in your life already. You also won't become so needy, or clingy with one particular woman. You will be more desired by other women.

This is true, but it all depends on what you're looking for in a relationship with a girl. Do you want it to be a short-term relationship mostly about sex, or are you thinking long-term?

If you want a serious, long-term relationship I don't recommend you sleep with whoever you can get your hands on.

Be clear on what it is that you want out of your relationship with her

Every woman is different, and many of them don't just want sex. So be clear on what it is that you want out of your relationship with her.

However, don't go out and tell every woman you're looking for a serious relationship. Desperate men are weak, and women are not attracted to a desperate man.

Don't Rush:

Never rush into a relationship with a girl. Again it makes you look weak and insecure. You want to find out if she's right for you by taking it slow, but not to slow to where she finds another man.

Every one moves at a different pace, especially the older you get. But you want to know that she's going to be there for you as a girlfriend. That she'll encourage you and support you and your goals in life.

You want to also make sure that she's mentally stable, and that she isn't the stalker type who becomes too obsessed to fast.

Get Yourself Together

Get Yourself Together:

You absolutely have to have it all together on the inside. Many men look over this fact as non-important. But how to you expect to keep a woman, if you can't even keep yourself together?

Having it all together means not having emotional baggage, being confident, being ambitious, having a goal in life, and knowing that no matter what you are still the best man you can be.

When you have it all together, your attitude is "I want you, but I don't need you." You will be okay with whatever happens, and you will be open to any opportunities that present themselves.

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