Is it Really Possible to Get Back Your Girlfriend From Another Man?

All relationships have their fair share of ups and downs while some people manage to make things work against all odds there are others who pull the plug on a relationship without giving it a second thought. Then, there comes a time when they realize the folly of their ways and want to reconcile with their ex. If you are going through such a scenario and want to get back your girlfriend, you need to understand that if she is not seeing anybody, the running may be smooth for you depending on what you did to lose her. However, if your woman had moved on to other conquests, it may be more difficult to get back your girlfriend from another man but don't stop trying and here are some tips that will help:

Keep your cool. If your blood boils at the thought of your ex in another man's arms and the only thought that courses through your head is how you can bash the living day lights out of him; hold your horses. You need to keep your cool. Bashing is a far off proposition even criticizing your woman's new love to her face can lead to you being thrown out of her house or her life. So what can you do to get your back your girlfriend in such a scenario?

Start by analyzing why she is with another man While most women will wait for at least a few months before dating other men after the break up of a serious relationship, others may quickly move on to another man to just deal with the pain. You should be able to accept this phase of her life and try to be her friend right through it.

Once again, do not knit pick at her new boyfriend because this may force her to look at some of your shortcoming that were blatantly obvious while you were together.

Honesty is appreciated in a relationship as well as friendship but now that you are free agents, you simply cannot profess your love to her every waking minute of the day. Your re-approach should be gradual. Being a pest will not help you to get back together with ex

Take a close look at the relationship that you had with her and how you felt about the lady when you were together. Examine the issues that led to trouble and the eventual break up, try to figure out what was your contribution in the inevitable. If you did handle the situation badly; think how you can work on your behavior. Accept the fact that there were some issues and try to improve the relationship between the two of you.

Work very hard on your friendship with her this time; do not try to mimic her actions and try to make her jealous because this may give her a free hand to move on with her life seeing that you have also done the same. If you are a good friend initially; there are very good chances that you may be able to rekindle the relationship and get back your girlfriend.

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