How to Know If a Girl is Interested in You

You really like a platonic lady friend and want to bring your relationship with her up to a romantic level instead of being just friends. You have been having many sleepless nights on whether she has any feelings for you and how to ask her to be your girlfriend if she does.

You understand that this is a very intricate matter and if you approach it the wrong way, you may even lose her as a friend. So the question is to find out whether she likes you the same way that you like her before asking her the question.

The answer is simple. Just watch her body language closely when you are with her. Men always complained that they do not understand women, but in this case, luck is on your side as girls just simply can't hide their body language when they are with a man they like.

Most men can easily recognize the non-verbal body language when a girl is not interested in them. The cold shoulders that women give to men when they are not interested can be chillingly crude and thus the message is sent unequivocally without any doubt. Look, would you ask a girl for her phone number when she is standing guardedly with her arms folded across her chest with a frown on her face?

However, guys may have a harder time identifying the more subtle signs when a girl is interested. Now, if she is playfully twirling her hair or leans a little closer to you in a conversation, is she just flirting with you or is she genuinely interested in you?

Whatever it is, these are positive signs that she may be interested in you! Unless she is a wanton serial flirt, most women will not even be bothered flirting with men whom they do not have the slightest fancy. So what she is doing is using subtle and sometimes even unconscious body language to let you know how she feels for you.

Women who like a man will focus on looking their best. So if she is constantly preening herself when she is with you is a good indication that she is interested. Preening signs to lookout for may include her straightening her skirt, brushing and tossing her hair or checking the buttons on her blouse.

Another body language to watch out for is eye contact. Is she giving you lingering glances and gazing into your eyes when you are having a conversation? Are her eyes narrowed slightly and pupils dilated? These are sure signs that she already likes you in a romantic way.

Women will also use subtle touching to signal her interest in you. She may touch a part of her own body or brush lightly on your arm now and then. She may also cross and uncross her legs while slowly stroking her thigh or she might slowly stroke an object such as her champagne glass.

She may also place her hand on your shoulder or leg or playfully pat you on the back. She may also "accidentally" touch your hand when she's getting something from you.

By doing these things, she is sending you signals, albeit sometimes unconsciously that she will say yes if you ask her to be your girlfriend. There are many more body language girls give out when they are interested in a man. So just be mindful and look out for them.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and ask her to be your girlfriend now.

Chris Chew relationship and health consultant. If you want to know more about women, read Attract women and Hypnosis attract date women

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