Guys - Stop Trying To Impress Girls Right Now

Yes, you read the title correctly. This is because if you want to impress the girls, you must stop trying to impress them right now. That sounds very contradictory, doesn't it? Before you call me a male chauvinistic lunatic, please read my explanation.

You see, very few men ever figured out how to successfully impress women. The reason for this is because it is too obvious and that is why most guys never figured that out.

I am sure you will agree with me that most guys have very powerful desires to impress girls, especially when it is the first meeting and the guy is attracted by her. Now, in such a situation, if you observe the way the guy behaves when he is having a conversation with a woman, you will see it very clearly. Perhaps, you have also been doing it.

This is because guys when meeting a woman they like will have this strong feeling not to screw things up. So he tries to touch on subjects that are neutral or are supposed to impress the girl. By doing so carefully, he will come across as feeling a bit nervous and worse, being too formal. Do you think behaving like this is impressive?

Next, he figures out what the woman wants to hear and if he detects that something he said do not quite align with "not screwing things up", he steps back and change what he said. He does not say anything risky and act like a formal goody two shoes. So where is the fun in that? How does that impress any woman? It will bore the girls to death, don't you think so?

So since most men have this irrational but powerful desire to impress women they like, it makes them unnatural in the women's presence and women know that. So the key to impress women is to stop trying to impress them. Does it make sense now?

Once you stop trying to be impressive to women, the situation will be less tensed, less formal and the conversation will flow smoothly. Have fun, crack some good jokes. Tease the girls and make them laugh together with you and they will naturally be comfortable and impressed with you.

Did you just say what is wrong with trying to impress women despite the above explanations? You still don't get it, didn't you? Well, here are more compelling reasons.

Remember? Girls are more intuitive than men and they can sense your vibes when you have low self confidence. So when you intentionally try to impress a girl, you are unconsciously telling her that you don't think she will like you and so you have to resort to being impressive to her. So is that sending her signals of low self confidence? That is not being impressive, isn't it?

So when you try too hard and you are nervous about saying the wrong things, your vibes will signal to her that you are not comfortable with her to act normally. What do you think she will feel about you? Yes, she will feel that you have low self esteem and having low self esteem is indeed not impressive to women or to anybody else, don't you agree?

Yes, most girls can instinctively tell when you are trying to impress them and not being your natural self. This is because the conversation simply does not feel normal. Not only is the conversation not normal, it is extremely boring and formal.

For most of the time when you are trying to impress a woman will bring about the opposite effect. So stop trying to impress the girls right now and they will be impressed with you.

Chris Chew is a fitness, health and relationship consultant. Read his free articles at How To Be Impressive To Girls and Attractive Male Body Girls Like

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