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Being successful with women and dating takes effort, practice and a general attitude of self-improvement. If you are looking to learn funny pick up lines or just become better at being social with women in bars, clubs or just on the street or in the bookstore, then you should consider becoming a PUA. Everyone who is a great at dating, whether it is from actively applying dating advice or even guys who are just great flirts, has at least some of the qualities of a PUA that they can rely on to make a woman laugh. A great social skill is to be able to be a leader of men and to use this skill requires at least some form of pickup line for various situations.

Many times a good way to pick up women is to use a situational opener. These are basically pickup lines that have something to do with the situation you both are in at that moment. What is different about this than just maybe the ultimate pickup line is that these are going to be more interesting and relevant to the situation where you are talking to the girl. In fact, this type of approach is going to much more effective at getting her attracted to you than just a normal pick up line.

Most guys who are great at being a PUA will not even use normal pickup artist introductions, but for someone who is new to becoming very successful with women, knowing some canned PUA material will certainly help them as they learn other parts of attraction such as body language and nonverbal communication. Remember, while a pickup up line can get her initially interested in you, many other social and nonverbal communication skills will be what ultimately generate real attraction with women in social situations. this includes taking a look at current health and fitness advice to improve your overall attractiveness.

Most guys who are now great at being a pick up artist and dating some amazing women, including models and actors are not perfect looking. In fact, many if not all of them started out being very bad and awkward with attractive women. But along their journey, they found out that being an alpha male is one of the keys to success with women and dating. Like them, you will need to improve your fashion, become more comfortable around women, learn some great pickup lines, throw in a few magic tricks to attract women and memorize some unique situational openers. But keep in mind that the pickup line is just the start of your journey to being a successful PUA with women and dating. Even the ultimate pick up line is not going to result in that amazing field reports to show that you are truly successful until you master all the other parts of your game, including how to flirt, how to master seduction, bring comfort, love and value into the lives of the women you are trying attract. What women want in men is more than just a one night fling, they want a man of value who will bring a healthy relationship to their life.

The more you find your self dating attractive women and using some situational openers you will see that having a good local wingman will catapult your game and you will be even more comfortable using these pick up artist routines and your dating life will improve. Women will have attraction for you and your pick up lines and your conversation and body language will naturally improve as you become more of a PUA. While this is the place to learn great pick up lines and many self improvement books will advise, you still need to get out and be social.

So while it is imperative to learn as much as you possible can from other guys on this forum, it is important to get out and meet women in the field. Most guys who become good with women did it using almost the same strategy. First off, they almost always were dedicated to going out and being around other people and practicing their social skills. Second, almost everyone who is now great with women, at some point attended a pickup artist bootcamp, where they worked with guys who are considered masters with women, but also socialized with men who are on the same journey. The information on this site is great, but only one piece of the larger puzzle. Congratulations on taking this first step and making this the beginning of your journey towards mastery with women and dating.

Bill Preston has been teaching guys how to become their best self and develop the type of lifestyle that women love. Some would call him a pick up artist, but in reality he is just a guy who wants to meet and date amazing women.

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