How to Get Back Your ex Easy and Fast

Has all the information out there on how to get back your ex given you the jitters? Do you really believe that getting back together with ex is impossible after a break up? If the answer to any one of these questions is a 'yes', you couldn't be further away from the truth. To begin with, you need to understand that you are not the only one who is wondering about how to get back your ex, there are scores of couples who break up and then make up. Also, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to get your man or woman back, so here is a look at some tips on how to get back your ex easy and fast:

Tip #1 Lay low for at least a few weeks to a month, do not get in touch with your ex in any way in this period because this is an emotionally charged time and you may end up doing something that you will later regret or which will scuttle your chances of reconciliation like begging or pleading your ex to take you back or bad mouthing him/her. The only thing that is more unappealing than desperation is a blood stained shirt.

Tip #2 Contacting your ex: After a few weeks, emotions will have simmered down and this will be a good time to get in touch with your ex. This does not necessarily have to be a face to face meeting if your emotions are still tender, you can always to talk to each other over the phone and ask how the other person is doing. It is imperative to maintain your composure and be very civil and friendly during this conversation.

You can also send her a text message or an email, you don't need to get out your book on Love poems by Shakespeare, the message should just let him/her know that you still think about him/her without being innuendo laden.

Tip #3 Get out there and have fun: Just because you have been through a break up does not mean you have to commit yourself to a life of chastity, casual outings with your friends are good to lift your spirit but the numero uno rule on how get back your ex is that you should not be seen running around with every other person. This goes double if the break up was recent and if your idea of fun is a one night stand. This may simply send a message to your ex that you are trying to extract some sort of juvenile revenge by sleeping with every and anybody in town.

Tip #4: Remember the important days: One sure fire way to get back in the good books of your ex is to remember his/her important days, wishing her on her birthday will let her know that you still care. On the contrary forgetting an important day will cement your reputation as an uncaring person who does not give a damn.

Once your ex is comfortable talking t you, ask him /her if he/ she would be interested in grabbing a bite with you. This will be your chance to make amends and get back together with ex so you need to be very careful. Don't be too pushy but show her that you are still interested in her and would like to give the relationship another chance.

As you can see, even though some of these tips can be seen in every other e-book on how to get back your ex, the fact is that they do make a lot of sense and they also work in most cases.

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