Why Women Are Attracted To Alpha Males?

We all know that alpha males are very attractive to women. They are like the leader of an animal pack where the females love and respect. In a civil society like ours, the alpha male is the leader that the others follow.

An alpha male, whether consciously or unconsciously understand what women want and are able to fulfill their desires. He knows the art of commanding women's attention and is a master of seduction flirt. Therefore if you want to succeed with women, you should learn how to become an alpha male.

Becoming a girl magnet, you have to learn and master the art of seduction flirt such as using the correct body language, knowing the best conversation openers and being confident and relaxed around women. In other words, you must believe in yourself.

A true blue alpha male is not concerned with the opinions of other people about himself. He knows what he is doing and gets whatever he wants. He is full of energy, yet calm and confident and shows it in his aura. That is his magical allure with girls.

The more you believe you are the alpha male, the more you become one as believe in yourself is a magnificent attribute girls find irresistible. It may take some effort and time to learn and cultivate the habits, but it will come as you persistently do it often enough. Women become extremely submissive to the alpha male because these guys have gained the respect of women.

So the first thing you should do then is to display the body language of alpha males everywhere you go and in all situations. You don't do this only in the presence of women because you want to let it become your nature.

So what is the body language do alpha males display to make them so attractive to women? Well, you can start with having a great posture. You may even want to enroll in a deportment class if you are weak in this department.

Next, be relaxed and confident as if you are in control of all situations. This shows that you have everything under controlled. Women love men who are confident and in controlled because it gives them a sense of security. That is why girls are in awe with alpha males. A picture paints a thousand words and that is why body language is so important.

Have complete confidence when you approach a woman and she will respond favorably to you. If you are hesitant or shy, girls will sense your vibes as women are much more intuitive than men. So if you are not confident in approaching her, you will be immediately be categorized in her mind as a beta male which is a weak wussy man who is not a "potential lover" material.

Women love men with a healthy sense of humor. So be a funny guy and have the confidence to hold peoples attention. When you do that, you are displaying your leadership quality subtlely and women can detect that and be impressed with you although they may not even know why.

So if you want to get the girls and leave the other guys far behind, then learn how to be an alpha male and you will be a natural chick magnet.

Chris Chew is a fitness, health and relationship consultant. Read his free articles at Become An Attractive Confident Man and Alpha Males Have More Sex

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