Use This Psychological Secret to Get Back Your Boyfriend

It is not unusual to see very second relationship ending in a break up; as matter of fact, the number of relationships that end supersedes those that eventually lead to the altar. But this does not mean that a person stands no chance getting back together with ex after a break up. If you are a woman who wants to know how to get back your boyfriend, here are some sure fire tips for you. Unfortunately, making up advice is as common as pop ads on the internet, so you need to follow a strategy to get back your boyfriend that really works

It is normal to feel pain and hurt after a break up; after all, you invest a lot of time, energy and emotions into the relationship. Most experts and psychologists concur that depending on the intensity of these emotions, they can often be the marring factor in your reconciliation efforts because they impede your ability to think clearly. This type of emotional response is typical of the partner who does not feel that he/she had a hand in the break up. However, the reality is that a relationship usually ends because of both partners and while one person may have contributed more to the demise of the relationship nobody can say that they had nothing to do with the break up.

So the first step should be to sort out your own emotions if you are truly keen in getting back together with your ex. This is not going to happen overnight, try to keep yourself busy with work or some other things that you enjoy. Go out with your friends; enjoy doing the things that you liked in the past. All of this should help you take your mind of the break up.

The next step is to sever all contact with your ex for the time being.

After all, if you need time to regain your composure so does your ex. It is very important to not push too hard to get the relationship back on track. So if you have been making a million hone calls a day or have been flooding your ex's answering machine or inbox with a bevy of messages, you need to stop right away. Maintaining your dignity and letting your ex know that even though you were hurt as a result of the break up, life hasn't stopped and you have recovered.

However, this does not mean that you have to stay aloof for the rest of your life; try to establish contact with your ex after a few weeks depending on how bitter the separation was. You can call or send a mail. This is the time to gauge if your ex is interested in reconciliation because this is crucial factor if you want to get back your boyfriend. If he is not interested, you can do very little to swerve him. If he does not reply to your messages, leave it at that for a few days and try again, if the second message is also not answered, it is best to move on and not bug him with a barrage of pleading messages.

However, if he does get back to you, talk a few times before asking him out or lunch. Remember that all communication should be friendly, you don't want to call your boyfriend to badger him because this is a sure fire way to lose him forever.

If you want to get back your boyfriend, you should incorporate all these tips in your reconciliation strategy.

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