How to Get a Girlfriend - 4 Techniques to Make Her Want to Be Your Girlfriend

If you want to know how to get a girlfriend, then you have to know how to make her WANT to be your girlfriend. There is no amount of convincing in the world that you can do to make a woman want to become your girlfriend. You can present a logical reason for why she should choose you, but, that is not going to do you much good at all. In the end. most women do not choose who they date because it made the most logical sense.

Instead, they go with what guy makes them feel a certain way, a way that they want to feel, and this is the most important element of being able to make a woman want to be your girlfriend.

I know that there are a lot of guys out there that think they have to master some crazy techniques to make a woman want to be their girlfriend, but the techniques that tend to work out in the long run are a little more simple than that. Any guy can learn what it is that a woman wants to make her desire to be your girlfriend. Of course, if you don't ever try to make a woman feel this way, then you are never going to be successful in making her your girlfriend.

Here are four techniques on how to get a girlfriend that will make HER want to be YOUR girlfriend:

1. When you first meet a woman, before she EVER becomes your girlfriend, you have to make her feel attraction for you.

Now, don't assume that you have to look a certain way, or have a certain amount of money to make her want to date you. This is just limited thinking and will prevent you from ever having any real success with women. Instead, you need to take a look at the female psychology of attraction and use those elements and principles to make her want to date you. To make a woman feel attraction for you is a necessary first step in how to get a girlfriend.

2. If she feels like she cannot have you, that is when she will want you the MOST.

Here's what an average fellow will do when he likes a woman. He will immediately place himself at her beck and call and try to be everything that he can for her. In short, he will start to almost schedule his life around her, BEFORE they are even dating or are a couple. You have to make her feel like she cannot have you, like you are NOT one of those guys. That is when she is going to feel drawn to you more than ever, and when you make her feel this way, it becomes almost EASY to make her want to be your girlfriend.

3. You have to be able to surprise a woman, and not do the things that she expects from you.

Most men are pretty much comfortable in being stuck in doing the same things and running the same patterns over and over. And because of this, when they meet a girl, they very rarely will do anything that takes her by surprise. Women are always up for a pleasant surprise, and I don't think that you will hear any complaints if you come across as the kind of guy that can surprise her day in and day out. Get out of your rut, and knowing how to get a girlfriend will become simple.

4. To really make her want to be your girlfriend, you have to know how to use push and pull.

The push is when you make your move on her, and the pull is, well, when you pull away from her. Think of it like a dance. You lead and then back off at just the right time. What is her natural reaction going to be? She is going to move towards you. Of course, not only does this feel good on your ego, but it also makes you deemed to be that much more desirable in her eyes. You start to become that guy that she just has to have in her life. And you are a little more fun in the end, because she feels like she has to chase after you.

Being able to get a girlfriend does not always come easy, but mastering these 4 simple techniques to make her WANT to be your girlfriend will make it all the more easy on you. You just might find that you are able to attract and date women that you once would have thought were way out of your league. Of course, no woman is really out of your league unless you assume that to be the truth.

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