Understanding Pheromones In The Animal Kingdom

Pheromones are essential to the animal kingdom. Animals, which possess a high sense of smell, often use their sense of smell to get direction, investigate another territory or of course, select a potential mate.

Ever walked in the woods and then come to an area and see a steaming pile of doo-doo? Well, as a human you think, "this is an animal marking his territory". Well, that is very true, but what you might not understand is what makes that pile of doo-doo is a statement. The area is likely the home of a dominant creature. What you might not know, is how animal perceive this pile of doo-doo.

For example, a dominant male bear leaves his dropping, similar to a man building a fence around his yard and it is a way of telling other similar species that "this is where I live". It is also a way of letting other animals know a multitude of things. A 700 pound black bear is likely letting younger/smaller bears of the domination of this particular animal in the area, hence another bear who is lets say about 2 years old that "If you get in my territory, be prepared".

It comes natural in animals that they need to reproduce. So for a small bear, entering a new territory that there is a dominant figure and this dominant bear likely has access to everything he needs such as finding a mate, food and shelter. So if a bear is coming from an area where there isn't much food, no mates and very little of shelter, they will have to conquer a new area. If there is a female bear in the area, she knows that to give birth to strong off-springs, they will need to mate with a strong mate.

Male droppings will tell the female a few things. They will be able to know if the male is strong or weak, if they are looking to mate and if he is worthy of her womb.

Here is a common scenario-

Big bear male controls a 10 square mile area. Little bear walks in the territory and leaves his droppings or urine. Female bear smells the trail left by both bears. A few miles away from her are two male bears, one dominant and a "newbie". The female bear knows to go for the dominant bear because she will know, he will be able to give her stronger off-springs than the younger bear. If all 3 bears were to enter a clearing, the dominant bear will stand on his two hind legs and prepare for battle, hence protecting his territory and hierarchy.

At this point, the younger bear has two options. Face the mature bear and attempt to take his territory or flee to avoid getting killed. Often, a small bear knows that if they don't confront the mature bear in battle, they might die and will take the chance and take on the dominant bear. Often, the younger bear will lose because the mature bear probably has battle experience.

This is why you might see a mature bear rolling themselves in their own droppings and urine. This is to let the other bear know that "He is master of his domain".

Yes, pheromones come naturally in urine and droppings. I remember seeing male moose literally urinate on themselves, which at that time, I found odd. "Why would they want to urinate on themselves, wouldn't that turn off the females". Not at all. I them learned that pheromones in urine are so strong that females "in heat" will actually be looking for a mate, and the urine is what triggers that sensation within them.

That being said, I imagine you can see the relation between humans and wild animals in respects to pheromones. The only difference is, humans do not respond very well to bad odors. You would never see a man urinating on themselves to attract women, right? This is a good way to look like a freak! However, humans are scientifically advanced to be able to grab the power of those pheromones, without the stink. Since natural human pheromones don't come with a pleasant fragrance, we have to resolved to synthetic pheromones.

Human pheromones are often secreted through sweat, urine and droppings, none of which has a pleasant smell which in humans, a good fragrance is essential for mate selection.

Thank you for your time, I hope you enjoyed this article and there will be more to come! Feel free to distribute this article or post it anywhere you wish. Feel free to view my website!

Jack Roberts- I like to study phenomenons encountered in nature that few are aware of. I'm not a doctor, nor a scientist, just an average man that likes to give the average person facts and self case studies. I am currently devoting my time to human pheromones. View My Case Study! http://best-human-pheromones.com

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