Human Pheromones - Scented Vs. Oil Based

Unlike popular belief, pheromones for humans do exist! However, it is not some miracle cure and the opposite sex isn't going to launch themselves at you in masses. If it was the case, everyone would be using them. Like animals, humans do react to pheromones. There are many types of pheromones but the ones I will cover in this article will be reproduction pheromones; since it is likely what someone would wear pheromones for.

This doesn't mean that if you wear pheromones that the target you select will want to sleep with you out of no-where. Pheromones for humans are designed specifically to break the ice and make it easier to meet people of the opposite sex in hopes of "reproducing".

I first heard about the concept of pheromones about 5 years ago. This is something that since has picked my interest. In the past year, I have tested various types of pheromones. I found that in general, pheromones do work, but not generally as advertised.

You see, people have this crazy notion that you put pheromones on yourself and all the girls/guys will automatically launch themselves at you. No, it doesn't work that way.

In the earlier stages of synthetic pheromones development, the concentrations were rather low. It is up to the user to test out different pheromones and stick with the ones that work for them. I must have tried a dozen different products but none of them work like the others.

There are different varieties that they come in, most known forms are oils and mixed fragrances. Oils seem to remain on you for longer, one brand I've used sticks to you for roughly 24 hours, while the fragrances versions might last a few hours before they wear off.

Personally, I like the ones that have their own smell. Reason is, pheromones with fragrances were developed using smell that isn't over-baring. Most perfumes and colognes you get at your local beauty supply store often have other pheromones (without the creators knowing) in them and will cause a chemical reaction and pretty much cancel each other out. I found using oils works better without any other fragrances, therefore, not smelling anything works better than using regular cologne or perfume using the thick oiled based pheromones.

Scientists who developed scented pheromones have spent years on research and know what works with their product as they have spent a lot of time on testing. Going with a trusted product with a strong background is essential, and stick with them.

You can't go and jump from product to product. You buy one brand and experiment with them. Here is a guideline to follow when experimenting with pheromones:

1-) Look your best. Pheromones won't cut your nails or brush your teeth.

2-) Start with BELOW the recommended amount and work your way up.

3-) If you are using oil based pheromones, experiment with different of your favorite fragrances, but don't mix your fragrances! Again, start from as small application as possible.

4-) If you run out, buy the same brand you did before, otherwise, start over from square one.

Eventually, you will find the perfect combination and will work over 90% of the time you are looking to attract the opposite sex. Keep in mind, pheromones aren't going to work 100% of the time, since there are so many factors involved in human peer bonding. Just because you have a 1-on-1 date with a person, that the other person will be receptive to the pheromones. If you can get in as close as possible to the other person as possible should give you an idea.

You also need to be receptive to the other person's "signals". If the other person seems to wanting to get in closer and closer to you, then the rest is up to you, you know what to do. Pheromones won't help you if you fumble or act like a fool. Pheromones are confidence in a jar... You feel like "you can't fail", like there is something more to you, in turn, your new potential mate will see it as well.

I hope this has give you a better idea on the type of pheromones out there and which ones work best and how they work better. Feel free to distribute this article as you wish and if you would like more information, feel free to view my website!

Jack Roberts- I like to study phenomenons encountered in nature that few are aware of. I'm not a doctor, nor a scientist, just an average man that likes to give the average person facts and self case studies. I am currently devoting my time to human pheromones. View My Case Study!

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