How To Be More Attractive To Girls

Most straight men would do anything to be more attractive to women or rather, almost anything. Do you want to be sexually appealing and attractive to girls?

If so, it is important for you understand that for most guys to be attractive to women will depend largely on the effort and the time they put into the quest. Obviously you can't simply expect to attract an intelligent and beautiful woman when you can't offer her somewhat similar qualities about yourself, right?

Firstly, do know that most women are attracted to men by emotion and not by merely looks or how rich you are. Yes, although the latter two factors do play a part, but they are quite insignificant because women are attracted by many other factors such as confidence, emotional quotient (EQ), sense of security and so on so forth. So here are some things you can do to make yourself more attractive to women.

You can start with having a regular exercise program to keep in shape. It is an established fact that women are attracted to fit and healthy looking men, especially men with some well toned muscles showing. This is because women instinctively perceived these men to be strong and healthy so that they can pass on their good genes to her offspring.

Women are also attracted to intelligent men or at least men who are of somewhat similar intelligence. In this way, they can discuss issues on the same wavelengths. Intelligent men are also perceived to be able to find better jobs and they give women a sense of security. So read up widely on various subjects to be knowledgeable.

Watch more funny movies or comedy TV programs. Read books with clever jokes. Women like to have fun. Don't us all? A man with a good sense of humor makes an interesting companion.

Learn how to play a musical instrument well if you can. Girls are somehow fascinated by good musicians. Don't believe me? Just go to any concert and you will usually find women outnumbering men in the audience. If you go to a pop concert, girls make up the overwhelming majority of hysterical screaming fans. This should tell you something doesn't it?

If you can't cook, isn't it time to take cooking lessons? Not only will you meet more girls at these classes, you are also able to project yourself as a good family man who can cook. You can even cook special meals for your girlfriend if you are already dating. Don't you think this will spark some emotional attraction for you?

Yes, I understand that you will need to put in some time and effort if you are to follow the above tips. However, if your goal is to be more attractive to girls and the bonus is that you can improve yourself in good holistic ways, aren't those worth the effort?

You see, as soon as you begin to improve yourself in one or more areas of your life, any progress can make you feel much better about whom you really are and this in itself is a very powerful and natural attractive quality. Furthermore, with the attributes you have learnt will also open up new and exciting professional and social possibilities too. Doesn't that make you even more attractive to girls?

Chris Chew is a fitness, health and relationship consultant. Read his free articles at How To Be An Attractive And Goodlooking Man and Attract Girls Naturally Human Pheromone

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