How To Use Body Language To Attract Girls

Why let the girls do all the flirting? Men can flirt with women too by using powerful body language. Yes, body language is a powerful communication tool as experts believe that 70% of communication is fulfilled by body language and not words.

Using your body language to flirt thus is one of the best skills you can learn when it comes to attracting girls. Flirting skills are easy to learn and execute and there are many techniques that you can learn to effectively building the right sexual chemistry and attraction.

Therefore if you can execute best flirting techniques, you can project your sexual attraction without saying a single word to make girls attracted to you. The problem is that most men are not taught relationship and attraction skills and that is why most men are lost when it comes to effectively building sexual chemistry with girls.

The first rule in the art of seduction flirt is that before you actually begin flirting, it is important that you prepare yourself mentally. Of course, this mental readiness will improve with practice. You need to be confident and comfortable with yourself before the actual approach because it will be far more difficult to attract women when you are in a negative mental predisposition.

Successful flirting is all about having fun and portraying your natural positive interesting personality. Women love to have fun and are attracted to confident, playful and interesting guys who are different from the others. That is why your mental preparation is important to create an atmosphere that is conducive to having fun and thus, at the same time conducive to your flirty task. This will ensure that you can build an almost instant connection with any girls you are approaching or having conversations with.

Once you have set the atmosphere right, the next thing you must do is to must make sure that your body languages are aligned with you. Your body language should project a sense of calm confidence with a relaxed attitude. This will portray you as a confident alpha male which women just cannot resist.

To portray this image successfully, you must show the girls that you are enjoying the conversation and interaction but yet not worried about the outcome as you should not be concerned about taking things too seriously. Remember, women love to have fun and if you are serious, what fun is there to begin with? Then use confident manly but sexy body language by leaning towards to her somewhat and gazing soothingly into her eyes when she is talking. Girls find men who are confident in doing this as very sexy.

Never ever fold your arms across your chest during your interaction with girls. Instinctively in a woman's mind, folding your arms across your chest shows a closed and defensive personality and you will come across as having something to hide or to be defensive about and is not opened to her.

Always be generous with your smiles as this will signal to a woman that you are a warm and generous man who is comfortable with women. Giving confident smiles can add to the right flirting environment and will let her feel more relaxed and comfortable around you. Your smiles and confident eye contacts really are the best body language tools you have when it comes to flirting with women.

So there you have it. The use of the right male sexy body language is a very powerful technique for men who want to flirt with and attract girls. It need not be only in the domain of dominant but sexy alpha males. Try it and see the results for yourself.

Chris Chew is a fitness, health and relationship consultant. Read his free articles at How To Use Body Language To Attract Girls and How To Attract Girls Even If Not Goodlooking

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