The Pheromones Evolution

The primary use of sex remains for reproduction purposes. Human beings are one of the rare species that roams mother-earth that has sex for pleasure. Nowadays, sex is more widely used for pleasure purposes, hence why the sex industry is so gigantic.

What makes a person want to have sex with another of the opposite sex? There are many factors, we like how they look, we like how they think, we like how they act, we like how they smell but our main, animal like instinct tells you that this is a person you would like an off-spring from. The one thing most don't realize is, often, those feelings are not really genuine, although we might think they are but why is that?

Our sense of smell is one of our senses that controls a lot of what we think. If someone smell's good, we are more likely to be drawn towards that person. If someone smells bad, we will likely try to stay as far away from them as possible. The reason is, this is what our species dictates. As a matter of fact, if someone smells bad, they are giving off natural pheromones but due to our society's rules, it isn't a good thing. If our society said that "the worse someone smells, the better this person is for you", which couldn't be close from the truth when looking at animals. Why do you think dogs sniff out each others butts? A male dog would know if a female is ready to breed or not.

We wouldn't see humans sniffing each other out like dogs because, we have evolved and it doesn't work like this for us... but we do have the same "instincts" animals do. Soaps and deodorant, are made to make us smell better but they block the pores in which natural pheromones are secreted. Even though someone smells good, doesn't make them a good mate.

For those who go to the gym, right there is a huge pheromone party. Sweat is one major contributor of natural human pheromones. You will notice, if someone walks by you and they smells a strong sweat smell, you will look towards them. You might think to yourself "This person smells awful", but you might also think "mmmmmmmmmmm, can we have a shower(together)". This is because, in a gym, it is a place that you can expect to smell sweaty people, so it won't bother you as much, even if you smell funny.

Is there anything hotter than someone that is all hot and sweaty? Of course not! I know when I see my significant other comes back from a jog, she has sweat dripping from all parts of her body and doesn't smell good but all I know is I'm thinking "get in that shower woman".

Speaking of which, there she is, back from her exercise ;)

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Jack Roberts- I like to study phenomenons encountered in nature that few are aware of. I'm not a doctor, nor a scientist, just an average man that likes to give the average person facts and self case studies. I am currently devoting my time to human pheromones. View My Case Study!

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