Dating a Millionaire is Just a Dream Come True!

Will it not be wonderful if on a weekend you could take a private jet to the Hawaii islands? Then, take a prearranged yacht to roam around, have dinner on board the yacht and when you come back, have a limousine pick you up? Alas!! You probably can not afford this if you are not a millionaire. There is another way to afford such stuff though. By dating a millionaire! You are tired of the silly adolescent stuff everyone experiences. You break up with one guy and then before you know you are into another relationship only till it runs its course and then again you are single again. You are tired of this futile exercise which causes nothing but emotional turmoil. You want a life in luxury and not uncertainty. The best way to fulfill such a desire is by dating a millionaire. After all millionaires are human beings just that they are richer than most other being and therefore more desired. So, dating a millionaire can seem like a daunting task. You will probably feel very insecure to start with but there are tricks to ensure that you continue dating the millionaire of your choice.

First thing you need to take care of is the fact that you should not give him the feeling that you are after his money at any point. You do not want to be too exaggerated in your praise of his belongings. When he takes you to his house for the first time do not marvel at every thing you see around. You will do better to just exclaim momentarily rather than keeping on lavishing praises. Act like you are used to such stuff. However, do not try to be too domineering starting to order things around in his house from the first day. Rather just hold up and let the relationship run its course. Try to give him the feeling that you date him despite the fact that he is rich and not because he is rich. Cliche! But it works wonders as millionaires are used to people placating them for their money all their lives. They have everything on a platter and if you manage to act unimpressed by their ways they will be more and more interested even if just for the curiosity factor. Try not to overdo things though. Act unimpressed not uninterested. Conduct yourself with grace and elegance. Looking classy yet sexy should do the trick. Try not to show too much cleavage. You should look like girl friend material not a one night stand. Try not appearing as a high maintenance woman. Looking attractive is the key and that does not include following the latest fashions. Just try to emphasize on your body's best features that will lure him to you.

If you are into a steady relationship with a millionaire you can try slipping in the topic of the pre-nuptial agreement. Probably try opening the discussion by talking about how bad you feel for Tiger Woods. How half his money may go in alimony. But then when the agreement is finally drawn up, make sure it is in your favor.

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