How Do You Know She's The One?

Some guys want to learn about how to attract women because they want to be players. They want to date as many women as they can as often as they can. And that's OK. Other guys are looking for companionship. They may date several women, but they are doing it for the real relationships they are establishing with these women. That's OK, too.

But some other men want to learn how to meet and attract women because they are looking for the girl or their dreams. They want to meet their soul mate, the love of their life, their wife.

For those looking to find a woman to marry, consider this a quest, a journey, if you will, that may lead you on varying paths that are out of your way, but will eventually bring you to your destination.

You can't automatically know if a woman is wife material. That is nearly impossible. It will take time.

One thing you can do to increase the odds is make sure you are looking for a woman in an environment where you want to be able to tell stories about where you met. For instance, a strip club or a gentlemen's club is probably not the place where you are going to meet your future wife. It has happened and I know one couple who did meet that way, but the man kept acting like he had saved his wife from the gutter - sort of like a Pretty Woman scenario - so they ended up divorced.

You should look for someone to be your future wife, at a place where you enjoy spending time - it could be the local chess club, the art museum, the grocery store, the coffee shop - wherever. Already, you are increasing the odds of finding someone whom you have something in common with.

So once you start dating someone, after time you will discover whether she has the qualities you are looking for in a wife. She might be a great girl, but maybe not someone you want to spend your life with. Only time will tell. If you do move on, remember that this means you are making great progress toward your goal. Your time with this woman was not wasted time, instead you are learning more about yourself and what you do and don't want in a woman.

Sometimes it is just as important to know what you don't want, as what you do want. I'm not saying that high school sweethearts, who marry without dating anyone else, don't work. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't. However, I do know you increase your odds of making a good match by getting to know many different women. You may have though for years your type was a short blonde woman, but then find yourself falling head over heels for a tall brunette - you just never know.

So keep dating, keep exploring, keep trying to figure out what is important to you in a lifetime mate. If you continue to do so, this path will eventually lead to the woman of your dreams. It is only after exploring other relationships and helping to define what you do and don't want, that you can feel confident in getting down on one knee.

Bill has been studying how to be a Pick Up Artist for the last 5 years in NYC and is the master at teaching guys how to get a girlfriend.

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