How to Attract Pretty Women? - 4 Tips to Get a Hottie!

I am going to stretch a little bit and assume that you are not the kind of man that is just looking to attract any woman for the sake of having one in your life. And let me tell you, that is a GOOD thing. Too many guys seem to just settle down with the first woman that they can find and they never are able to fulfill their real desire, which is to attract pretty women and start dating a hottie.

Well, since you already have the right frame of mind to start with, that is going to be a huge plus for you. The only thing that you have to do is to start understanding what attracts a pretty woman to a guy like YOU!

Here are 4 tips to attract pretty women that should make it a little clearer for you:

1. You are not going to score points with her by going on and on about her looks.

Sure, she is not going to mind a compliment here and there, especially when it is deserved. But, when you hit her up with one right after the other and she really has done nothing to deserve one, then you start to seem like a guy that will say ANYTHING to try and make her like you. And the funny thing is, that is the thing that will start to make her dislike you.

2. You are going to have to stop thinking about approaching pretty women and start doing it.

Nothing will get you closer to your desire of dating a hottie if you just sit around and kind of wait for your dream girl to just show up. Hate to tell you, but you have to get off that rear end and get out there and approach attractive women, even when it makes you feel a bit nervous. You will start to get over it and there are techniques that you can use that will make it much easier.

3. She needs to know that you can make her laugh and smile.

When you are the kind of man that can get her to lighten up and forget about everything else in the world, then you will be the guy that she goes back to her friends talking about in a GOOD way. Don't be a downer and learn how to make a woman laugh and you will be able to make her feel like spending time with you whenever she just wants to chill out.

4. Trigger female attraction by acting like a TRUE Alpha Male.

Most guys that try to act like an alpha male end up looking like wannabe's and jerks. You have to come across like a true alpha male, one that is not trying to be, but just IS. There is a big difference in this, and it will make her see you as a man that she desires to date and not one that makes her cringe.

Trust me, the TRUE alpha male is the one that ends up getting the girl, the job he wants, and everything else to enjoy life.

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