How To Tell When A Girl Likes You?

So you are attracted to this girl and want to know if the attraction is mutual. Yes, you want to know if she likes you in you before making the next move.

Well, first of all you need to know this fact. Most women will arrive at a decision whether consciously or unconsciously to file you in their mental category whether you are a "friend" or a "potential lover" within the first 3 or 4 minutes of meeting you. In other words, these first few minutes are crucial because once they categorized you as a "friend", it can be quite difficult although not impossible to change her mind to make her think of you as a potential lover.

So if you want to make her like you or to know if she is interested in you, you must straightaway run low risk tests on her to find out whether she likes in you in the romantic way!

If she is, then there is no issue, but if she regards you as a friend, then your mission has just begun to change her mind. Now is the time to ask her out. Even if you think that she is not interested, you have nothing to lose but all to gain if you manage to have a successful date and her feelings for you may change.

You see, by asking her out, you are showing an interest in her. She will know that there is a possibility of you becoming a potential lover. So you have at least opened an opportunity for her to change her mind. Remember, girls are attracted to men by emotion and by not logic, so if your can make her "feel" that you care and want to develop the relationship further, you will have a higher chance of success with her.

Next, you should start flirting with her. Flirting is a game of testing each other's interest. If you wish to know whether she is interested in you, then flirting will definitely let you find out. Hey, we all know that women test their men, so why can't we do the same?

A girl will respond positively to your teasing and baiting if she is interested. If not, you will already know your answer and is time for a decision whether to continue or end the game.

There are many ways which you can flirt with women. The most effective is being a little laid back and be funny. You can tease her good humouredly to see her responses to your comments and body language.

So what are the body languages to look out for that signals her interest in you? To begin with, she is smiling frequently and laughing at your jokes. She holds eye contact with you when you are speaking.

While in the middle of the conversation, she strokes her hair or her cocktail glass up and down and her legs are pointing towards you. The one sure sign that definitely is an indication of her interest is when she begins to be touchy feely such as slapping your arms lightly when laughing.

Once you can detect all these signals, you can jolly well be sure that this girl already liked you in a romantic way and have already placed you in her "potential lover" file and the rest is up to you on where you want to take the relationship to.

Chris Chew is a fitness, health and relationship consultant. Read his free articles at How To Make Girls Fall In Love With You and How To Have More Sex Appeal

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