Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back After a Nasty Breakup - You Can Make Him Fall in Love With You Again

Getting your ex boyfriend back after a nasty breakup, may not be as hard as you think. Remember he participated in the heated words and accusations that were thrown back and forth. Your ex might be as sorry for what he said as you are for what you said. In any event you both need time to cool off and put things into perspective. Any attempt to communicate at this time would probably just make things blow up again. So it would be best not to make any contact with your ex for at least a month. He will be expecting you to do everything you can to get him back because he thinks you are still in love with him. The best way to get his attention is to surprise him.

The best way to surprise your ex boyfriend is to do just the opposite of what he expects. Do not try to get him back. That may sound crazy to you but it is the best way to make him fall in love with you again. Men always want what they cannot have or is hard to get. It gives them a challenge and they love a challenge. You might be wondering how you are going to challenge a man that broke up with you. It probably seems that you should be pleading with him instead of challenging him. But pleading with him is the last thing you want to do. It will make you seem weak, needy and desperate.

To get your ex boyfriend back you have to show him a woman that is strong and mature enough to accept the breakup and move on with your life. Think back to when you first met him. You were care free, happy and self confident, that was part of what attracted him to you. Your life centered around family and friends and you seemed unattainable to your ex boyfriend. After he won your heart, you world started to center around him. You might have been too affectionate and wanted to be with him all of his spare time. That could have made you boring and he took you for granted. You were no longer interesting or challenging and he decided to look elsewhere.

Now by moving on and accepting the breakup, you are becoming your own person again. As soon as your ex boyfriend realizes you are not going to lose your pride and dignity, he will take notice. He will be confused by your actions because he was counting on the fact that you were still in love with him. By not trying to get him back you have made him wonder if you care for him at all. The problem is, your ex boyfriend is coming to the realization that he is still very much in love with you. Now, he is the one that is feeling rejected and challenged. It will not take him long to see that the only way he can be happy again is to get you back.

If this is the man for you, don't give up. There are proven methods to make him love you like never before. Bad mistakes can ruin your relationship for good. To avoid these fatal mistakes, you need proven steps to get your ex boyfriend back and keep him. What you should and shouldn't do can be found at this Helpful Site.

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