Do Women Find Muscular Men Attractive?

There are many things a man can do to make himself attractive to women such as displaying a confident image, have a good sense of humor and good dress sense amongst many other attractive male attributes. However, you can bowl over your competition if you own a fit and somewhat muscular body because most guys do not take care of their bodies enough to look that way.

Many women may not admit it on the conscious level, but several studies have showed that men with above average body shape are attractive to women. I am not talking about hulks like professional bodybuilders or wrestling stars. Those may be too big or even a tad intimidating to some women. I am talking about male bodies like those of fitness models or professional swimmers.

Now, have you wondered why statues and paintings of naked or semi-naked men are men with Greek god physiques? A good example would be Michael Angelo's classic sculpture of King David. If you have been to Rome, a land of many statues and sculptures, you will not see a single one with a skinny or a fat man. Why is that so? It is simply that muscular and fit men are very attractive.

Imagine, would a woman go ga-ga over a thin gangly skinny man or over a man with a double chin and a bulging tummy? I suppose some would but most would not. So if women are not attracted by sight alone, why would they be attracted to muscular men?

Well, it is not the muscles that the girls are attracted to, it is their subconscious mental perception that fit and healthy men are more able to provide her and her offsprings protection, security and stability. These men are also perceived as less of a liability because since muscular men look fit and healthy, then they do not fall sick easily and probably have longer lives. The perceptions may not be entirely true, but well, it is perceived this way most of the time.

Just think of it this way, if you have strong muscular arms, most women can imagine lying in the security of those arms. Women find muscular a man comforting because he may be able to tackle some heavy lifting needed for the home. Nothing is more impressive than that to see a family man lifting a heavy weight with the greatest ease when doing household chores.

Most women do know that the muscles didn't come about by chance. These men obviously care enough about themselves to be physically fit and healthy and that is a very attractive positive attitude. Muscular men also do look more confident than the average bloke and it is a well known fact that women are attracted to confident men.

So if you want to be above the competition in the department of attracting girls, then build some muscles onto your frame. If you are overweight, go lose some body fat so that your muscles can be seen instead of being covered by your fat. If you are skinny, then what are you waiting for? Go pack on some muscles.

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