First Date Mistakes Guys Make

Your moment of reckoning has arrived. You have finally mustered enough confidence to approach the girl you fancied and successfully asked her out on your first date with her. However, how prepared are you to make your first date a successful one? Well, here are some mistakes that guys usually make on dates that can potentially destroy their chances of going out on future dates with the woman again.

You will be surprised that the first mistake happens even before the date begins. Most men will call the woman to remind her of the date on the pretext of asking them about how their day is and loads of other petty personal information that turns the women off.

You see, by doing this, you are portraying to her that you are lacking in self confidence and are showing too much interest in her that is scaring her off. Men should play hard to get too and should not come across as being too inquisitive. Remember, one of the most important qualities that attract women is self confidence. So keep the phone conversation short if there is a need to call her in the first place and say goodbye before she does.

First dates are meant to be laid back, easy going and fun. The idea is that both of you must enjoy the date and thus will want to see each other again to have another enjoyable outing. So don't overdress. By over dressing, you will unconsciously behave more formally and puts pressure on her to reciprocate. Is this enjoyable?

First dates should not be in a fancy venue like an expensive restaurant. By doing so, you are displaying too much of an interest to please her. She will also feel pressurized by your interest and will get turned off. Furthermore, these venues do not have a fun environment and can be rather formal and thus it can put a damper on your ability to connect with her.

One very common first date mistake is to take the girl to a movie. Fancy dinners and movies should be reserved for couples who are already dating regularly. The first date is for getting to know her better and to create more bonding and how can that be achieved by starring at a screen for two hours?

So take her to fun and interesting places like a barefooted stroll by the beach or to an amusement park where you can take rides together. Do something low key and something inexpensive so that the two of you will focus on making the best of your time on the date.

Men tend to show off their intellect by talking about some serious issues such as the news of the day or some aspects of the government they are unhappy with. Hey fellas, you are meeting someone new! So have fun. Why talk about subjects that do not contribute anything to a successful date? What if she has opposing views? What if her dad was the politician whom you dislike?

So just bear in mind the above common mistakes guys make on their first date and do not make them yourself. Remember, first dates are meant to be fun so that she will want to see you again for the same experience and that is how you can win her heart.

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