How To Be A Girl Magnet?

Yes, some men are natural girl magnets, are you? Do you want to become one? These men have women swooning all over them like ants attracted to a drop of honey. On the other hand, some guys are seldom, if ever successful with women. Why is this so? What makes one category of guys so wildly attractive and the other not?

This is because human nature makes us seek the best possible mate so that good genes can be passed down to the next generation and the girls are doing precisely that. A girl will naturally seek out a good man and when she finds him, she is inextricably attracted to him.

Some men are really nice guys. They are always polite, punctual and they always shower the girl they like with gifts. The problem is that most of the time, these nice guys get dumped by the girls for the bad boys. So what the heck is happening? Why are some women attracted to guys who are not good for them? This is a question most mere mortal males can't seem to answer.

True, girls by nature are not supposed to be attracted to jerks. The irony is that most of these called jerks have plenty of self confidence and confidence in a man is an admirable quality that girls are attracted to. This is because being with a confident man gives a woman a comfortable sense of security and women thrive on security. So keep this in mind the next time you get to meet women.

You must know by now that being good looking is not a major factor where attracting women is concerned. A handsome man might draw lustful glances from girls and spark off an initial attraction, but that is about all what looks can do. However, if you are blessed with good looks, leverage upon your pleasant physical appearance with an interesting attitude. Be different from the other men.

Do not talk too much about yourself. Let her do the talking. What you want to do is to create an air of mystery to pique her interest in you. This is because most men when having a conversation with women will try to impress them by talking a lot about themselves and that is very boring as far as the girls are concerned.

Since most guys will brag about their achievements and what they can do or are doing, in keeping silence, you thus create an air of mystery about yourself and girls will be curious and want to know more about you. Flaunting your successes may give her the impression that you are bragging and women dislike men who brag. This is because someone who brags does come across as having low self esteem and women are not attracted to that kind of men. Look at it this way, if you truly have a notable measure of success, it will reveal itself in due course and women will know of it.

In this way, you will come across as a confident man who knows what you want. Women simply cannot resist the allure of a self respecting confident man even if he is not all that good looking. Confident men are natural girl magnets.

Remember, I emphasized the word confident but not arrogant. Yes, you can be confident without being arrogant. Just simply keep your manners and good ethics intact is all you do to differentiate the line.

These are just some of the basic things that you should keep in mind when it comes to being a girl magnet. Of course you won't see immediate results, but overtime, you may have to run for your life when throngs of women are trying to get their hands on you.

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