How To Be More Attractive To Women?

Although women may be attracted by good looking handsome men, looks form only a small part of other more important factors that make a man more attractive to women. It is your characteristics and behaviors that emotionally attract or repel women because unlike men, women are not visual creatures but are emotional ones.

Most women are hardwired to respond well to certain male behaviors and there are many ways that can make you be attractive to the girls and we will discuss some of these traits here.

Women are attracted to the alpha male types. The natural leader of the pack. This is because they perceive that men with leadership qualities offer them security. The leader leads the conversation in a group at social gatherings, he is decisive and reeks of confidence and we all know that women are impressed with confident men. So aren't most leaders naturally confident?

An attractive man is calm, cool and collected all the time but if there is someone who threatens the one he loves, he will respond swiftly and hard to eliminate the threat. Again, this man is a confident alpha male. That is why women feel safe and secure with confident men and are attracted by them.

An attractive man would never sit idle watching someone he cares for to be mistreated or hurt in anyway. Demonstrating this quality to a girl will make her instantly emotionally attracted to you. However, this does not mean that you should go out and pick fights or be quarrelsome.

You can demonstrate this quality casually through a story or mention something that has happened before. However, do not brag. Bragging is a big turn off to women and is also a sign of insecurity in yourself and if you are feeling insecure, how then can a woman find security in you? Also do not tell lies as women are very intuitive and will sniff you out sooner rather than later.

The funny thing about women is that if more women are interested in you, you will become even more attractive to them. This is akin to mean that if there are so many women who are interested in you, you must be something very worthwhile to have and is very desirable. You are thus a prized catch. Do I detect a hint of herd mentality here?

If you are this man, then showing that you care for the woman you like will send her into paradise as you have picked her out of so many others. She will be so emotionally attached to you henceforth and will be very afraid to let go of her prize. So having many girls as friends can work very well for this.

As discussed earlier, women are very intuitive and they will pick up on all the social cues of all these alpha male behaviors and characteristics. They are so programmed to the characteristics of the attractive man that they will find themselves irresistibly attracted to you if you have these qualities and attributes. So if you don't have these attractive male attributes, start developing them now.

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