8 Surprisingly Effective Tips on How to Get Back Your Ex

So you are wondering how to get back your ex after the break up? Actually, reconciling after a break up is not impossible and often it is a simple as mending your ways that turned into the bane of the relationship. However, as simple as this sounds; there is an astounding number of people out there who kill their chances of getting back with their ex just because they don't know what to do and end up pushing the person they love further away. So if you want to know how to get back your ex; here are 8 effective tips:

How Not to Get your Ex Back?

Don't chase your ex: If you want to get back together with ex; this is the most important tip to remember. If you constantly bug him/her with relentless phone calls, emails, text messages or by sending your mutual friends over with your message, your ex will get annoyed and stay as far away from you as possible.

Don't stalk your ex: Don't magically appear everywhere he/she goes because nobody likes a stalker, you cannot force somebody to see you by ambushing him or her every opportunity you get.

Sulking 24/7: Being depressed, sulking over the break up spending hours at home moping is going to get you nowhere, if you feel depressed, get out of your house and mingle with your friends. You have been through a break up; this is no reason to punish yourself with solitary confinement. The more you get out, the better and more confident you will feel.

Do not avoid social life: Nobody is suggesting that you get into bed with the next man/ woman you see, but there is no reason to lead the life of a hermit. A break up is simply no reason to shun social life.
How to get back your ex?

Make yourself valuable: change the habits that led to the break up and think about the factors that attracted your ex to you in the first place. Remember, how hard you tried to get your ex to talk to you and be with you initially; you should be willing to put in twice the effort to get him/her back. If you are a man who stopped listening to his girlfriend somewhere along the line or was more interested in a football game than his partner, you may want to revert to the behavior that attracted your ex. If as a woman, you let the relationship and the lingerie in your closet rot because you were too tired or busy to do something special for your man; this is the time to make amends.

Get in touch and stay in touch: It is perfectly acceptable to get in touch with your ex a few weeks after the break up; no don't cry or complain; simply ask how the other person is. Send emails or call him/her intermittently. Talk about regular things and add a hint about the happy times that you spent with each other.

Do something special for yourself: If you have always wanted to join a gym, get a new haircut, or try on a special brand of make up or take a quick vacation; go ahead and do it. Indulging yourself will increase your confidence and calm your emotions.

Let him/her come to you: Keep in touch but let your ex come to you; this is imperative if you want to get back together with ex and stay together for long.

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know how to get back your ex; however, you will need to be patient.

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