How To Approach Girls And Ask For Dates?

The mere thought of approaching beautiful girls and striking up conversations can be very intimidating to many guys? Why is that so? Why can't it be like approaching any strangers and asking for directions? The latter is easy, isn't it? So approaching strange beautiful girls can be as easy too.

Learning the art of approaching women can be the tipping point in helping you to cross that elusive threshold of success with women. Although it is just in your mindset to feel intimidated, however such a change in attitude and approach will need you to abandon your current comfort zone. If you get out of your comfort zone often enough, you will be at ease with your new mindset and soon, you will overcome all your fears or should I say prejudices in approaching beautiful girls. Here are some baby steps to help you do just that.

Firstly be yourself. Yes, this sounds a bit of a cliche, but it's true. All of us are unique and have likeable characteristics. If you act and pretend to be like someone else, it will show up pretty soon. Remember, women are much sharper then men in their intuitive sensitivity and you will be categorized as a fake in no time.

You should not be looking to become the man you think she wants you to be. Even if you manage to snag her with some incredible acting skill, time will eventually reveal the real you. You don't want that, do you?

If you are just interested in a one night stand, then perhaps can get away with such an approach, but I am still not in favor of it. So be yourself and you will come across to her as an honest confident man and this will score you some points in her assessment of you.

Did I mention confidence it the last sentence? Yes, I wish to emphasize that girls are very attracted to confident men. Being secure in yourself means that she will be secure with you and women simply dig security. It is programmed in their survival instinct mode.

Being confident does not mean that you have to be an arrogant jerk. The term used in the dating fraternity is to be funny and cocky at the same time. The funny and fun side of you will negate any possible negativity of cockiness.

Here is an example. Let's just say that the girl sitting at the bar caught your attention. You confidently look her way and establish eye contact. Hold her gaze until she looks away. This way you are sending out a confident message because most guys will look away first.

Then instead of approaching her and buying her a drink as most guys will do, you simply ignore her until she looks your way again and again you hold your gaze. Now this is being a little cocky. But this time, just acknowledge her look by giving her a nod and give her a half smile. If she smiles back, then this is the time to approach her.

Now, instead of asking to buy her a drink, tell her that since she is looking at you, she must be thinking of buying you a drink. This will throw her off and shows her that you are not like the other guys. She will even think that you are very interesting and a tad funny and will want to get to know you better.

Automatically, her interest has been piqued. Why is that so? This is because you are now a challenge to her. You are not like any wimpy guy who is just out to impress her.

Women love to have fun, who doesn't? So when you are chatting with her, talk about fun things, not about your great job or fat pay. That is boring. Talk about interesting places you have been and done. Ask her what interesting things has she done lately and later, when both of you discover that you have common fun places to go to, then why not set up a date to meet at that location some time in the future. There you have it, you have just secured a date with a beautiful woman.

Approaching girls, especially beautiful ones and asking for dates is actually very easy. But some effort in learning the skills and practicing them is necessary. So go do some research and read up on the skills of The Art Of Seduction Flirt.

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