When Your Ex Boyfriend Won't Talk to You - Do This and Have Him Begging to Communicate With You

The breakup of a relationship can be a heartbreaking experience, but when your ex boyfriend will not talk to you, it can be frustrating as well. After you have cried a river of tears and went over every word that was spoken, you just want to tell him you are sorry. Making an apology after a breakup, is a good idea. Even though he broke up with you, there is always the fact that it takes two to make an argument. But since he is ignoring you, why not fight fire with fire? Ignore him too.

As long as you keep harassing him by trying to get him to talk to you, he will keep ignoring you. Look at yourself, the reason you are so desperate to talk to him is because you are afraid of losing him. You probably think that because he broke up with you, he does not care about losing you. That is where you would be very wrong. Your ex boyfriend still loves you and does not want to lose you. Men like to play these games because it inflates their ego. He may act like he does not want to be bothered, but it is just an act. He really takes great satisfaction in having you chase him.

The way to get his attention is to ignore him and drop out of sight. When you suddenly stop trying to get him back he will wonder why. He is aware of how attractive you are and the thought of you running off with some other guy will enter his mind. He has been sitting there with a smug smile on his face and letting you suffer. Although he loves you, he still wants you to lower yourself and come begging his love. As long as you were doing that he could feel comfortable. He knew that he could take his time and you would take him back when he was ready.

Now that you are no longer chasing him, he will wonder what you are up to. Things are not going the way he planned and he is the one that is becoming confused. First he will contact your friends and see if they know what has happened to you. They will tell him that the last time they saw you, things seemed fine. This should start him to really become concerned that he might lose you. When you have him worked up to this condition, it will be time for you to contact him.

Your ex boyfriend refused to talk to you, so do not talk to him. Send him an email and tell him that you are sorry for any pain that the breakup has caused him. Then add that you can see that he was right and the breakup is best for both of you. Wish him good luck and goodbye. When he reads your email, he will feel the rejection you felt when he broke up with you. Now it will be your ex boyfriend that will be begging to communicate with you.

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