How Can You Be More Attractive To Girls?

I believe that most straight men would have asked themselves this question at one time or another. Well, there is no one single factor that attracts girls to men and that may be the reason why guys get so confused when it comes to attracting girls.

You see, for security and survival instinct reasons, women are hardwired to seek out dominant males. This is because dominant males are unconsciously perceived by women to be attractive because their survival value. In other words, the dominant male can better give her and her offsprings security or so, she instinctively thought.

That is why dominant alpha male attributes such as confidence, humor, leadership quality, charisma and even social skills play an important role in the attractiveness of men to women, usually more important than mere physical appearance.

I am sure that you have heard or even seen it for yourself and wondering why girls are often attracted to bad boys and jerks. This is because these types of guys portray the alpha male traits that women just cannot resist. These men may not make the best boyfriends or husbands if one is to think logically. However, most women do not think logically when it comes to attraction. They are programmed to be attracted to men instinctively and emotionally.

Even women themselves also don't understand what they are attracted to on a logical level. Take for example if you were to ask a girl what type of guy she likes as a boyfriend, she is likely to tell you that she wants a nice caring guy with a cute smile. However when you take a good look at the guys she is dating and have dated, you will see that none of them are the cute caring nice guys she was talking about. So to women, attraction just happens.

Here then is the paradox. Men, not understanding what women feel about attraction listen to what women say they like and take it in its literal sense. She might say she wants a nice caring guy and immediately, the man will behave like a nice and caring guy. Then when the woman does not respond favorably to his nice and caring behavior, he is confused and gets frustrated. Been there, done that? It's true isn't it?

Unlike women, men are attracted to a woman's physical appearance and so we think that is what all women look for in men. This is not true. As discussed, women are attracted to much more than mere appearances. That is why it is common to see ugly guys with gorgeous girlfriends and spouses.

Physical appearance is only one of the many factors in the attraction equation. Therefore if you have low self esteem, insecure and is boring, you will not be attractive to women. These weaknesses can be seen very clearly in men who are always saying yes to women and fussing over them. There is a term for these guys. They are called wussies.

This is the reason why looks plays only a small part of the game and can even become irrelevant if you are able to display dominant alpha male characteristics.

Therefore when you learn to focus on what girls are attracted to, your success rate with women will be incredible. That is why we should feel blessed to be men because we can change ourselves at any time to become more attractive to girls. So do it now.

Chris Chew is a fitness, health and relationship consultant. Read his free articles at How To Confidently Approach And Talk To Women and How To Be An Attractive Alpha Male (

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