How To Meet Women At The Bookstore

As I've mentioned before, a bookstore is a great place to meet women. It is a warm, comforting peaceful environment that is the polar opposite of trying to meet a woman in a dance club.

There are bookstores even in the smallest towns.

Here are some of the reasons why it is a great idea to try to meet women at the bookstore. But first let's talk about which section is the best one to browse when trying to pick up women.

The cooking section is hands down the best section.

Although they say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, I believe this axiom also holds true for women. Women love, love, love a man who can cook. Women love a man who can whip up a great dish for them on the spur of the movement.

(Note: However, women don't love a man who cooks for them and then leaves a big mess for the woman to clean up.)

By being in the cooking section you are sending a few nonverbal messages about yourself to women. The first thing women will realize is that you cook. Bonus.

Women love men who cook, as I mentioned. The second signal you are sending is that you are a confident, alpha male. You could care less what any other guy thinks about you chilling in the cooking section. This just reeks self confidence and that is an extremely attractive trait to women.

So just by being in the cooking section you are already raising your value in the eyes of any woman who runs across your path.

So here's what to do. When you arrive at the bookstore, head to the cooking section and grab a stack of books that you are genuinely interested in. Now this is a key, key point - pick up books that you generally want to look at and read. Do you love bok choi? Pick up a book on how to stir fry it. If you just grab a few books as props, women will immediately see through you and it will backfire. You need to have a genuine interest and genuine desire to learn to cook. (Don't you want to wow that amazing woman with a home cooked meal someday?)

So start finding books that introduce you. Read them. If you see a woman you are interested in getting to know, find a real question you might have. For instance, you might say, I am not a huge fan of sour cream, do you think I could substitute creme fraiche in this recipe?

If you have a genuine question and true interest in the answer, this is a fantastic way to start a conversation. What if you are in the Italian cooking section and overwhelmed by the hundreds of cookbooks in front of you. Is there a woman nearby you can approach.

Be honest. Tell her you are new to cooking, but would really like to learn some great Italian food recipes. Is there a cookbook she would recommend for beginners that also offers delicious food?

Most women will be flattered you asked and the conversation will ensure. How it goes from there is up to you.

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