Do Women Want a Mama's Boy?

As you might have already realized, I like to infiltrate the other side and find out just what women want and then bring that information back to you.

One advice that I hear frequently is don't date any guy who is a jerk to his mother. Or conversely, I hear the advice put this way: date someone who is good to his mama.

Some women even advice each other to never, ever consider marrying a guy who doesn't worship his mother.

Let's just talk straight here: while some of us were very fortunate to have wonderful mothers we have close relationships with, many of us don't. The fact is that you cannot control who your mother is. Some of us got the luck of the draw, while others have not been lucky in the least.

For some of us who haven't had stellar mothers, hopefully we have been lucky enough to have other influential parental figures in our life. For instance, man y men have close relationships with their grandmothers, a neighbor woman or a teacher growing up.

These relationships will help us down the line as we grow up and learn what women want and how to treat women right. When women say they want a man who is close to his mama OR close to another influential person in his life.

I can't imagine any circumstance where a woman would say that a guy was perfect for her, had a really close bond with his father but that she wasn't going to date or marry him because he had a terrible relationship with his mother.

What women are looking for here, is something from your past that shows you know how to love and be loved. It doesn't matter if it was the neighborhood baker who took you under his wing, your mother or your best friend's mother. They just want to see that you know how to have this type of relationship.

So don't despair if you were not blessed with a mother you can be close to. It's just a symbol for something else. And in fact, although women say this, they also contradict it slightly by saying they are turned off by a mama's boy.

So what does that mean?

That means that women don't want a man who is going to talk constantly about how wonderful his mother is and expect his date or wife to live up to his idea of his mother.

Women also don't want someone who put their mother in front of their wife. It really means walking a fine line. You want to have a strong relationship with a woman in your life and upbringing, but you don't want to put her ahead of the woman who will be or is your wife.

Remember, it's not being a mama's boy that hurts or hinders your relationships - just like everything else in life it is the degree or your involvement. As with everything else it all boils down to moderation.

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