Simple Dating Tips For Any Short Guy

When it relates to women it could be difficult to connect with them, especially if you feel intimidated or feel like you have any physical trait that they may not like.

Many men of any height choke at the prospect of approaching new women with the simple aim of just dancing in a club or during a formal event. This task could also prove a lot more intimidating when a person considers themselves a short guy, lacking the self-confidence that might be displayed by men of taller stature. The reality is the height of an individual often doesn't play a role in the mind of most women, and if you could gain confidence in who you are and what you have to offer you can really have significant success meeting and dating women any time. Granted there are individuals who are attracted to taller men - but the fact is there are just as many ladies attracted to the short guy. In many cases the issue is your confidence, not the women themselves.

When you find yourself in the position where you want to approach a woman, don't let your short guy stature be a deterrent. You will be able to do it - and in fact there are several benefits to being the short guy in this type of situation. Being a short guy to could be advantageous for you, you can approach a woman in a busy or loud surrounding and achieve something that most of the taller men can't achieve, direct eye contact. Eye contact is important in a first impression as it enables the woman to see where your focus is (and question the attention of your wandering eyes).

First impressions matter - and she will get one before you even say anything if your eyes give her assurances that you are confident in yourself. You could convey your confidence and leadership by holding her gaze for at least three full beats and then looking away. When you find yourself engaged in discussion do not consider your height - understand that being a short guy doesn't matter, it is who you are - and how you convey your security in who you are - that makes all the difference. That said, be careful not to let confidence be perceived as arrogance - for any guy, whether a short or tall one, that is a turn off for several women.

Women can normally not stand a male who is full of themselves injecting their self-centered nature into conversation or always turning conversation to be focused on themselves. Most women enjoy light-hearted conversation - even stories you tell making a little fun of yourself as a short guy could increase your charisma so long as you are sure not to dominate the conversation. Ladies enjoy talking about themselves, so make sure you're listening and taking an interest in what revolves around her - and for extra points, gently make fun of her. Keeping the conversation going with jokes would aid not only paint you as an attentive and quality person but will increase your confidence.

The final tip for the short guy relates to honesty in conversation. Several men feel they need to embellish on many of the facts of their life and while this may sound good at first; it could be devastating down the road. Be a symbol of honesty in any relationship.

Everyday short guys like you can get tips and build dating skills which can beat taller guys at the game. To learn more on how you can overcome any limit, and see yourself not as a short guy but as an attractive guy, go to NOW.

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