When to Ask the Questions When in a Relationship?

Ladies, when you think about it, people are naturally curious about one another. More than that, it seems that if people do not dig deeper about one another in their relationships at some point, there will be one question too many without an answer and it would only foster mistrust, resentment and erode the romantic involvement. Plus it would destroy any hope of deepening said relationship. Sometimes this may also lead to indiscretions in the couple.

So you have that feeling apart from the fact that he makes your insides melt, not to mention that you keep on catching yourself thinking about him and grinning like a fool at your desk when you have a meeting in five minutes and your presentation is not even ready. Yes you are sure, this time it is for real and that this is IT. You are in love and definitely want a relationship.

After awhile, there is that nagging voice in the back of your head piercing that bubble and asking a hundred questions about "Mr. Yummy" now that 3 weeks have gone by and you started to realize that he does not shower as often as you do and other little tidbits that you did not expect now that you are in a relationship with him.

What other things do you not know about him? There are questions that you are dying to have the answers to but you are debating whether to ask him or not. After all, it is only been a few weeks and you do not want to chase him away, appear needy or worse, you do not want him to think you are a nag.

No matter, here are a few things you definitely need to be clear about so you have an idea whether you have a keeper on your hands or not.

1. This first question can be taken seriously or not but it could be an indicator of how he feels about you and how your relationship will turn. You should ask him whether he would stand by you should you become disfigured in an unfortunate incident.

Keep in mind that he may say he would but do not put too much hopes until it actually happen. So while you are not putting all your faith in his response, be comforted in the knowledge that at least he would be willing to do so if he answers yes. If his answer is no, you might need to keep your eyes open.

Another thing to be sure to ask is whether he's still pining away for an ex. This one may be tricky but if you have picked up on some hints of this being the case, you might want to tread lightly but also be careful not to read into things that may not be there and ruin your relationship.

Now this next one you should only ask if you truly want to know and are willing to work on it. Trust me, you will get an answer to this one and you might not like it. So be sure before you ask what he does not like about you, that you are ready and your relationship is stable.

Finally, you might blindside him with this one or worse scare him off but if you are comfortable enough in your relationship do not hesitate to ask whether he has any idea about how he will have the eureka moment about you being the ONE.

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