How to Attract Her Back - 4 Tips to Keep Her Wanting You!

Your girlfriend has just given you the hardest blow that you have ever had to deal with. She caught you by surprise and told you that she needs to move on and that things are just not working out. Now, more than ever, you want nothing more than to be able to look at her and say or do something, anything at all, to make her want to come back and give it another chance with you.

Is there some way that you can change her mind and keep her wanting you back?

Don't stress yourself out thinking that it cannot be done. It CAN. You see, there are many men out there that have done this and there is nothing that should keep you from doing the same thing. As long as you do not lose your emotions and make some silly mistake, you should be able to attract her back and keep her wanting you.

Here are 4 tips on how to attract her back that should help YOU keep her wanting you:

1. Your ex girlfriend needs to know what it is to be longing for you.

You already know what this feels like, and care to admit it or not, it's one of the reasons why you feel so strongly about wanting to attract her back. Now, you have to make your ex girlfriend feel the same way and to do this, you need to separate yourself from her for a while. Don't think that she will meet the man of her dreams if you give her some space. Know that you ARE the man of her dreams and give her the space that she NEEDS.

2. Your ex girlfriend needs to know that you are moving on.

She needs to think that you are definitely going to get on with your life and not stay stuck on her. If she thinks that you are always going to want her back, then she will think that she can be out there carefree, and then come back to you whenever she wants. Basically, it will be like you are giving her permission to take you for granted.

3. When you feel like you have to get in touch with her, DON'T.

Emotions can make you feel like doing the wrong things all of the time and when you are wanting to get your girlfriend back, they can make you walk down the wrong road almost all of the time. If you feel like you have to get in touch with your ex girlfriend, let the feeling pass. Wait until the time is right and when it will mean something.

4. You need to base your actions on using a plan to attract her back.

Why would you try to do something so monumental as getting back the woman that you love without having a real plan to help you along the way? Be careful, though. There are many ideas that sound good, but really will do more to make your ex girlfriend move further and further away from you.

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