How to Attract a Woman - 5 Sensational Tips on Attracting Women

You want to know more about attracting a woman. More importantly, you want to know exactly what you should be doing to make a woman fall for you. Is it really something that you can manage or are you just daydreaming? See, you are not even close to being the only guy out there that wants to know how to attract a woman.

I think it would be safe to say that EVERY man wants to be able to attract women and to really get to the root of what you need to do, you have to learn what female attraction techniques are going to REALLY work out well for you.

To help you out, here are 5 sensational tips on attracting a woman:

1. Learn how to talk to a woman properly.

You don't want to just walk up to a woman and start immediately hitting on her and then guessing as to why she seems like she wants to get away from you. This is a classic faux pas made by many guys, they try to use conversation techniques that really don't do anything at all to make a woman feel attraction, which is a MUST. Talking to a woman should be something that kind of flows pretty effortlessly.

2. You got to walk the walk.

Your body language, the way that you move, are going to make a woman compile a judgement about you before you even get to utter a single line. Keep your posture erect, your shoulders relaxed, and make sure that you do NOT allow your eyes to hit the floor. You don't want to look like you are scared to make your approach on a woman.

3. You have to surround yourself with women.

If you want to escalate your progress and get ahead of the learning curve when it comes to attracting a woman, then surround yourself with women. Even when they are just your friends, you can learn a lot just by getting to know them and start to really understand how a woman thinks about attraction and dating. You might be surprised at some of the things that you will end up finding out.

4. She needs to be able to count on you.

You cannot be a flaky kind of guy and expect to attract a woman. Well, you might attract her at first, but you are not going to keep her. To make a woman see that she can count on you, don't flake out when you are supposed to meet her. This is not being a doormat, it's showing her that you are a guy that she can have a relationship with and that does mean a lot to a woman.

5. Be hard for her to "get."

I know, it sounds like a contradiction to tip number four, but you do still want to play a little bit hard to get if you want to get the thrill of the chase. And trust me, if you want to make her flip and fall for you quick, then getting her to chase after you is a sure shot way to accomplish this. Being a hard to get man kind of automatically makes you seem a little more desirable, and that is a GOOD thing.

These 5 tips can help you get started, but if you really want to know how to attract a woman, go to and GRAB Your FREE Guide to Attract and Seduce Women

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