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There is a woman I know who is unlucky in love. She is smart and cute, but there is just something that is not quite working for her. In my opinion, it might be that she has struck out a few times and now that she is getting older, she is starting to obsess a bit about being single. The problem with this is that even if she doesn't realize it, her desperate light is blinking.

One smart thing she has done recently is to start reading about men looking for women. She has it exactly right. Go do some research on the other team.

I would recommend that any man who wants to meet women, should see what women are being told about meeting men.

That is why I am writing about a recent article that ran in the Washington Post. It was featured in a relationship advice column. In this column a single woman asks about meeting men.

Michelle R. Callahan, Ph.D., author of "Ms. Typed: Stop Sabotaging Your Relationships and Find Dating Success" offers advice to the lovelorn.

The column "On Love: Dating Advice for Single Women" answers a question from a woman who describes herself as attractive college student who wants to meet a wider variety o men to date and ask Callahan how to do so.

Here is Callahan's response:

"The best way to meet a wide variety of men is to look in a wide variety of places. We don't even realize that we tend to go to the same kinds of places and meet the same types of people all the time.

Attend events that include people who like a wide variety of things from sports, music, travel, reading, spirituality, etc. Think about what kind of guy you want to meet and where you think he would be hanging out. Is he at a bar? Bookstore? Park? Rap concert or the theater? Church?

There are so many different types of people that you should make friends with people from different backgrounds and walks of life and then spend time with them in their world. Each new place you hang out will introduce you to a new crowd. Good luck!"

Does that advice sound familiar? It should. It is the same advice I always give men who are looking to meet women. So the moral of this story is that when you put yourself out there, attending museum openings, browsing in bookstores or grabbing a cup of Joe, there is a very, very good chance that some o the women you run into are actually there for the same reason you are: to find someone to date.

Just knowing that should take away some o the fear you might have about approaching these women. Once you realize they are in the same boat as you - and probably feeling as apprehensive about approaching someone as well - it might make it easier for you to take that first step.

If you are out and about and a woman catches your eye and gives you a smile, then go talk to her, chances are that is what she wants, as well.

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