How To Make Girls Fall In Love With You

It sure feeds the male ego to know that you have a natural flair for making women fall in love with you. The question is do you know how to? What if you are falling for her and she does not even bother?

Making women fall in love is an art form although this may come naturally to some lucky guys. You must have heard that men are from Mars and girls are from Venus, so they might as well be another species because girls seem to be very complicated that trying to master them seems impossible for most guys.

Now, if I may say so, the point here is not to master them. Your aim is to try and understand them, then do certain things and know when to back off to keep them guessing.

Now, it is a big common mistake to think that you can buy your way to a women's heart by buying her expensive gifts all the time and bringing her to classy restaurants in flashy cars. Most guys think being rich will land you the girls. You know what, most of the time, these guys will be landing girls who will make them broke. If your woman loves it when you buy them expensive gifts and even asking you to do so blatantly, these are the materialistic girls and really, who wants women like that to be their girlfriends, much less as a potential spouse.

The number one key to attract the attention of women and to make them fall for you is confidence. A lack of confidence shows you are not at ease with yourself and this signals to that girls subconsciously that you are not reliable when the crunch comes and she will feel a lack of security. Although that may not be the case, it will usually be the perception they have. Look, if you are not comfortable with yourself, then how can she ever be at ease with you?

Do understand that women want to find their soul mate. That one guy who she can relate too, enjoy being with, have a loving relationship and ultimately bearing his children. So if you are nervous with her, then how can you project an image that can make her feel that you can fulfill her desires?

Your initial approach when first meeting a woman everything. Make sure you walk and talk with confidence and keep that eye contact. Women like to have fun, who does not. So if you want her to like your company and fall for you, you must project that you are a fun guy to be with and if she ends up being your significant other half, she will have fun with you forever instead of a dull, mundane and boring marriage life.

Always find yourself asking questions when in conversations with her. This shows that you have an interest in her well being. Most guys are caught not paying attention and every girl hates a man who doesn't listen to her.

However, if this is your first time talking with her, your questions should not be too personal or intrusive. Also, questions that have sexual innuendos should be a no no unless your intention is just to flirt with her. If that is your plan, then the game is entirely different. So do you want to make women fall in love with you? If you do, then stick to this game plan.

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