Causes Of A Broken Relationship And How To Fix It

Did you ever stop to think that some of the most important things in life are not taught in school? Nobody teaches us about relationships, how to choose a partner, how to stay together despite of differences or how to know the right time to separate. For some people, learning about relationships is a matter of trial and error, often with a lost of pain and heartache mixed in.

Yes, it is very difficult to accept the truth about what happened and why it happened. You can even ask yourself why you need to experience these things. But to think of it, you're not alone. There are numerous people that are experiencing this kind of situation - a broken relationship and a broken heart.

Each person in a troubled relationship has their own perspective and expectations. These are filtered through their beliefs, ideologies, and their good and bad past life experiences.

It is helpful to view the conflicts through other's eyes by taking their perspectives and expectations into account. Imagine being in their shoes - how would they view this situation. Look at both sides of the conflict as a way to see the bigger picture and create a healthy relationship.

Just like a glass filled with water. Once it's broken, the water spilled out and you can't bring back the same old water inside the glass. Yes, you can fasten the broken glass by having it glued, but the glass will looks different. It may not the same old glass. There will be some marks, tattooed forever.

Even if it is obvious that Julie behaved inappropriately by saying or doing something hurtful to Nate. There will always be a contributing factor. Perhaps, Nate wasn't clear with their boundary that's why Julie crossed the line without realizing it or maybe Nate was harboring secret resentments towards Julie and failed to voice them out and clear the air, but Nate sensitively picked up on the tension and reacted to it.

A good advice is to reflect over the dispute and what led up to it with the intention of taking responsibility for each and every contributing aspect. This level of honesty will breathe fresh air into the situation and help to mend the broken relationship.

While it is important to work in order to provide for the family's needs, work can get in the way of a successful marriage. Working excessive overtime or bringing work at home robs the time needed to develop intimacy. Limits should be placed on how much time you spend working. If you are working long hours to get toys, and all the extra stuff the world has to offer, then you need to decide to live on the basics in order to have a great marriage. Cool gadgets and gizmos can't bind a relationship forever.

It's not difficult to fix a broken relationship as long as each will participate to let the fire burning again. Start by communicating. Some couples fight by shouting and screaming and end up in not talking at all. Try to cool down and let your partner know what you want. Communication of feelings is very necessary to maintain the balance of emotions.

We are all human beings and we're prone to mistakes but what's important is that we learned from those mistakes. Mistakes that can make us strong to stand the test of time.

Once the relationship is healthy again, you can't go on auto pilot. You need to continue to work in full time to maintain the status of the relationship. The difference now is that you have each other to lean on, stronger than before.

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