How To Ask A Girl Out For A Date

Most men when meeting a girl they like for the first time and wanting to date her out must have asked these questions. How am I going to ask her for a date? When is the appropriate time to pop the question? Where to bring her for that first date?

You see, most guys when talking to a girl, especially to the one that they like and are attracted to will want to date her. But when it comes to popping the question about asking her out, they are at a loss. Have you ever had this experience? Well, if you had, then you will know that by not taking the opportunity to ask her there and then, the chances of securing that first date will probably be lost, perhaps forever.

So what then is the secret to getting that first date? Getting the first date is not so difficult or daunting. This is because most of the time, a conversation that is filled with flirting and sexual tension will just do the trick. However, there are a few rules to follow if you want to be successful, the first time.

Girls like having fun. So the first thing is to show that you are a fun and exciting guy to be with, so she must be enjoying the conversation with you. If she is looking bored, then your chances of having that first date is as good as kaput!

Therefore to make her want to see you again, she must feel some sexual attraction towards you. So when you are having a conversation with her, you must take the opportunity to create some sexual tension by using some basic flirting techniques.

You can start by playfully teasing her, playing flirty games, telling funny stories and thereby establishing a good rapport. All of these flirty techniques will get her to feel that you are a fun guy to be with since she is enjoying your company and will want to see you again.

Next, observe her reaction towards you because everything you need to know about her interest in you is in her body language. So even if she is smacking your arms and telling you that you are a jerk, her body language will tell you that she is in to you or not. Therefore, when talking to her, you have to fire up her sexual attraction and build the conversation to the point where you know that she is attracted to you.

So how do you know that she is attracted to you? Well, like I said earlier, it is in her body language. Every girl has a number of tell tale signs to show her level of interest in you. Here are some of them.

a) She touches you frequently during the conversation or smacking your arms playfully when you tease her.

b) Looking into your eyes when you are speaking.

c) She keeps the conversation alive by asking you questions, especially personal ones.

d) She is responding well and laughing at your jokes.

e) She teases you back.

The above are just some of the signs to observe and there are many more if you are savvy enough to spot them.

Do not be like most guys who place too much emphasis on bringing girls out for a perfect date. Every date is a perfect date if she enjoys your company no matter what the dating activities are. So there is no necessity to impress her with the dating venues or the activities. Instead, it is a better idea to ask her to an activity that you would usually do and in this way, your asking is so innocent that it does not come across as a date request so as not to trigger her defense mechanism.

So what do you normally do during the week? Meeting some friends at a local bar? Going shopping? Then simply ask her if she would like to join you. It is as simple as that.

You see, your first date should not be formal as a formal first date could make you or even her nervous. A date should a fun and casual activity that gives you a chance to develop further bonding with her and you can bet your last dollar that if she enjoyed the date with you, she will want to be with you again and again.

So asking the girl you like out for the first date is a breeze if you know how to. That is why I am still wondering why most guys break out in cold sweat when it is time to pop the question.

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