Top 5 Adventurous Dating Ideas

Adventurous dating is a great way to escape the rut of too many similar dates. Particularly if you and the person you are dating are adventurous types, the traditional dinner and a movie may not cut the mustard for your intrepid natures. Why not try one of these more adventurous outings to give you both that buzz and set you on track for an exciting relationship.

1. Go surfing

There are some excellent spots for surfing in the UK, particularly along the south-west coast. Hiring a wetsuit gives you the option of trying this throughout more of the year, as they'll keep you warm while you're in the water. If you are a beginner, boogie boarding instead of full surfing is a fun way to get going and you don't have to worry about constantly falling off your surf board! Either way, this exhilarating sport will give you and your adventurous dating partner a brilliant talking point. Afterwards the two of you can wind down with a hot drink and a cosy chat by a roaring fire.

2. Try bungee-jumping

Bungee-jumping involves launching yourself from a tall structure while attached to a stretchy elastic cord. The free-falling aspect gives participants an extreme thrill, and this can be translated into a real dating high! More for die-hard adventurers, this is probably an excursion you'll want to check your dating partner is up for before setting out, as even adventuresome types might draw the line at something this dramatic. However, once you have established that you are both into the idea, it's definitely not a date you'll forget.

3. Camping

You don't have to do the whole staying in a damp tent in the middle of nowhere ordeal to get the camping experience. Building a campfire in the evening and toasting some marshmallows out in the open air with your dating partner can give you that adventurous camping feel, without the morning low real camping can give! Bring along plenty of drinks and snacks and perhaps a pack of cards and you can make a night of it - one to remember.

4. Head out for a hike

Hiking can be very adventurous, as well as giving you and the person you're dating a really good work-out. A good hike could take you up a hill to enjoy some stunning views, or simply involve an impromptu adventure to see an area you've never been to before. In any case, being out in the open and seeing new things is a wonderful way to get the conversation flowing and you'll feel like old friends in no time.

5. Gokarting

A good option if you want to channel your competitive streak, gokarting is a way for you and your dating partner to get the thrill of the race course in a friendly environment. With gokarting you can really let go of your inhibitions and enjoy the ride - just try not to bump the person you're dating too often or you might be met with a frown when you take those foam helmets off!

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