Top 5 Fun Dating Ideas

Dating doesn't have to be predictable, and you might find your date goes with far more of a swing if you kick it off with something a bit more... unusual. From the bowling alley to the arcades, if you're looking for something to do with your dating partner which is a bit more quirky or fun, take a look at these top 5 fun dating ideas.

1. Spend 5 pounds on each other at a charity shop

It can be a very interesting experience to visit a few charity or second-hand shops and see what kind of clothes or other gifts you can pick up for one another for a total cost of 5 - or another smallish, mutually agreed sum. It's also pretty fascinating what you can learn about your dating partner by what they choose for you. You could base your search on finding an unexpected accessory which you could then wear out to your next date, or simply choose gifts which you think would suit one another. Either way, you'll always have a souvenir if the two of you end up hitting it off.

2. Go to a comedy gig

A good quality comedy night will break the ice straight away and put you both in a fine mood for getting to know one another. There are comedy venues all over the UK but for the most popular nights you will need to book in advance. Laughter is the very best ingredient for a good dating experience and - as long as the acts are decent - you really can't go wrong with comedy. Just beware of the front row...

3. Try roller skating

Roller skating and rollerblading are possible almost anywhere although If you and your dating partner are beginners, you could try a roller skating rink. This provides a far less hazardous environment than, say, a park, to help you both learn. Rinks often have their own cafes and bars so once you've had enough exercise you can roll straight up to the bar!

4. Hit the arcades

Arcade games can come across as a little cheesy, and you might not have played on them since you were about ten. But when you're dating, the games can take on a whole new meaning. The competitive edge for racing games or the tiny thrill of excitement when you win a few coins on a 10p machine can really help nurture that spark between you and your dating partner. Remember, the more cheap and cheerful, the better - this is a nostalgic journey so there's no need to start spending big money - which can otherwise come across as a little scary in a 'gambling addict' way.

5. Go bowling

Bowling is a clever dating idea as it is a competitive game which doesn't have to seem too competitive. If one person is better than the other, they can concentrate on teaching their dating partner their 'moves' - and this can involve a little flirting as well. Aim for a genuinely retro-styled bowling alley and you can find yourself transported back to 1950's USA, which adds a fun twist to the proceedings.

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