Top 5 Romantic Dating Ideas

Taking your dating partner somewhere romantic is doesn't have to mean spending a fortune at an expensive restaurant. They say the best things in life are free and some of the most memorable outings can be the ones which don't cost a penny, while others may cost you a couple of tickets but the experience will be well worth the cost. Here are some of the best romantic dating ideas, from paddle boats to picnics.

1. Hire a paddle boat for two

Many public parks have the option to rent a paddle boat for a spin around the lake. This is a romantic dating option because the two of you will have to learn to work together to get the boat moving in the right direction, a lovely metaphor for a relationship - see? In addition the feeling of floating around together in a pretty environment ought to be one which allows you to open up - a great opportunity to find out all about each other.

2. Go for a picnic

If it's a sunny day, pack up a picnic and head to a pretty spot where you and your dating partner can enjoy some alfresco dining. For added romance factor, think about foods which you could feed to each other, like strawberries. Eating outdoors is a highly pleasurable and tactile experience, which will bring out the best in you in terms of both conversation and romanticism. A pack of cards or a board game can add some light competitiveness to the atmosphere.

3. Go to the opera

This might sound a little old fashioned, but the formal setting of an opera or classical concert can be an excellent situation for a romantic dating experience. Getting all dressed up is part of getting into the swing of the occasion, and this will give you both the feeling that something special is about to happen. Opera itself can be very moving, ratcheting up the romance factor that extra notch!

4. Head out on a bike ride

Bike rides can be very romantic - choose a pretty area and spend a while cycling at a leisurely pace while having a friendly chat. Aim for an attractive viewpoint for a mid-cycle pause, where you can and your dating partner can get your bearings. Finally, ending you ride at a good pub or cafe is a nice way to refresh after expending all that energy. Ideally, you'll want a flat bike trail so that you and your dating partner can focus more on the scenery than on struggling to get up that hill!

5. Ice skating

In winter, ice skating outdoors is a wonderfully romantic way to get to know the person you are dating while gracefully (or not) gliding across the ice and gazing intermittently at the stars. For the rest of the year, indoor ice rinks can be just as romantic. Layering up is a wise move for any ice skating, so you can take off layers as your body starts to warm up from the exercise.

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