Various Types Of Kiss

Kissing is an expression of emotion such as love, care, friendship and passion. As times pass by people have come up with different types of kiss. Some kisses are just experimented for a pure fun between lovers. Try to read with the list of different type of kissing and pick a few to try with your love one.

Butterfly kiss. To give someone a butterfly kiss, with your faces just a breath away, blink your eyelids to the tips of your partner. It's a fun and if done appropriately, it can give a fluttering sensation for both of you.

French kiss. It was termed as a soul kiss because it was a belief that the life and soul are considered to pass through the mouth's breath across the tongue. There many name for this type of kiss; some call this as a "soul kiss", "tongue kiss" and some French call this "the English kiss it's an open mouth kiss where the tongue touches to the other.

Cheek kiss. It's an easy kiss to someone's cheek. Its actually how it named for. This is often a friendly kiss, first date, greetings and sometimes used to surprise your girlfriend or boyfriend by saying good bye.

Forehead kiss. This is usually a "just friend" or a motherly kiss; it's a good way to show respect. This kiss can be very comforting to anyone. This is done by simple press of your lips across the forehead of a person.

Hickey Kiss. This is actually leaving a mark (red mark) to your love one. It's actually sucking hard enough usually on the neck. This could be embarrassing so before doing one with your partner better to ask permission first.

Earlobe Kiss. It involves gently getting to your love ones earlobe lightly between your lips and tugging gently downward. Try to avoid louder sucking noise. It's a great kiss while taking a break from kissing the lips.

Eskimo kiss. With your faces breaths apart gently rub your nose together. It's based on real kisses that people in Eskimo cultures give their friends.

These are just few of the common different types of kiss. Always remember that kiss is an art of showing different feelings to other person. And for the one you love enjoy exploring different types of kiss for fun!

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