How To Be Successful Flirting With Girls

Do you agree that in order to be a successful flirt with women, you must not make the mistakes most guys make when flirting? If you agree, then have you ever wondered why so many men make the mistake of not understanding the correct way to flirt and never bothered to find out why they are never successful with girls?

So the first thing we ought to learn is not to make the mistakes that other guys make in the game of flirting and seduction. So what are the common flirting mistakes?

Well, since this article is about successful flirting, we will leave the mistakes out or otherwise, this article will be too long. However if are interested to know the mistakes, then follow the link to my website in the author's bio box of this article.

Here are some tips to flirt successfully.

Begin by teasing her. You see, women are so used to subservient men who are always praising her, saying how pretty she is, how intelligent they found her to be and so on so forth so as to get on her good side.

Now if you want to stand out from the crowd and get her attention, then tease her now and then. Be a little cocky but yet funny. Just treat her like your spoilt brat little sister whom you love.

You don't have to be a jerk or say anything sensitive, just be playful but don't be a goody two shoes. Don't be mean or cross any lines you think might be sensitive, just be playful. Girls will pick up on the fact that you are just having fun flirting and playing with them and they like that compared to what all the wussy yes men do and say.

The objective is to tease her enough until she smiles or laughs and slaps you on your arm or even better, your thigh. Then you can turn around and say "how dare you hit me brat" with a little smirk on your face and then playfully hits her back.

By doing this, the touching by both of you, you are now creating a sexual tension. Then go a step further when the time is right and continue teasing her such as telling her that you don't kiss younger girls or older women and since she is younger or older than you are, then tell her that kissing her will be out of the question. This will leave her awestruck, mesmerized and impressed with you because most men will want to get their kiss as soon as possible. You are so different!

By doing this, you make yourself the prize she must work to get instead of what most men do, which is making her the prize where she can then pick and choose her man.

Furthermore, we all know women love confident men and you are now portraying the confident alpha male confidence, aren't you? This behavior will put you streets ahead of most other men as far as she is concerned.

Women don't like boring guys, men who are subservient and trying to please women all the time bore girls to death. Everyone is looking for a little bit of excitement in their lives and so do the girls.

So behave like you are a fun guy to be around with and tell her things like you will take her on an adventurous grocery shopping some day and if she gets it, she will be laughing until her eyes tear. How adventurous can a grocery store be? This will show your fun and humorous side which girls like and adore.

Come on guys, if you are not having fun, then what is the point of learning how to flirt in the first place? So to sum it up, in order to flirt successfully with girls, you have to be a little cocky and funny and you do this with loads of confidence and women will always want to be in your company because you are different from the rest and are not making the mistakes most other guys make when it comes to the art of seduction flirt.

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