To Get Your Ex Back Fast After He Dumps You - Make Your Boyfriend Chase You

When your boyfriend dumps you it is painful and embarrassing. It makes you feel unwanted and alone, as well as many other emotions. But, the real reason you are so anxious to get your ex back after he dumps you is because you feel deprived of him. You feel you may have lost him for good. It is human nature to fight tooth and nail to get back something that is taken from you. That is why women fight a purse snatcher so hard, they do not want something taken from them. If the purse snatcher does get the purse away from you, your instinct is to chase him. But if you do, you could end up getting hurt really bad in the fight that would ensue.

It is no different when your boyfriend dumps you. He has taken something from you and you have the instinct to chase him. But again if you chase him you will be hurt again. To get your ex back fast after he dumps you, you have to fight your natural instinct to chase him crying and begging him to come back. When you chase your ex boyfriend, you are doing exactly what he expected. He knows you still love him and you will do anything to get him back. But, if you do the opposite of what he expects, he will be the one confused and desperate. So instead of chasing him, you need to ignore him and disappear for a while.

When you do not do as he expected and chase him, he will start to wonder if he made a mistake by breaking up with you. His emotions will be aroused and he will wonder if you still care for him. Thoughts of you will fill his mind and he will have to find out what is going on in your life. This will make him attempt to contact you. He may send an email to see how quick you will answer it. If you answer right away he will know that he is still in control and can take his time getting back with you. Do not answer his email.

This will force him to call, but let him leave a message. Not being able to contact you will make him desperate. But do not carry it too far. After about a week of letting him send emails and leaving phone messages, call him back. Tell him you see that he has been trying to contact you but you have been too busy to call him back. Now that you have control, be sure to keep it. He will probably want to meet you for coffee or lunch and talk think over. Agree that you need to talk, but say now is not a good time. Tell him you will call him back in a few days to arrange a time and place. This keeps him chasing you, and once he gets you back, he will not be dumping you again.

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