How To Approach Girls With Confidence

I am sure you have heard of the phrase, "Men are from Mars and women are from Venus", haven't you? Isn't it true that to most men, girls may as well be a totally different alien species. We simply do not know what is on their minds as often they will say one thing and then do another, don't they?

Is this the reason why guys are totally clueless and terribly afraid when approaching women? Hey guys, whatever happened to the macho chest thumping confident you? Why is it that beautiful women can cast such fears over men?

Well, the reason why men are so afraid of approaching women, especially a beautiful one is likely to be the fear of rejection. Isn't it strange? So what if you are rejected? Afterall, you hardly know her or she may even be a total stranger that you may never see again? This is irrational fear, isn't it?

So, in helping yourself to approach women with confidence and without fear, you have to analyze and reflect on why you feel scared upon approaching them in the first place. Find out kind of woman do you fear the most when it comes to approaching her? Are you afraid to approach beautiful women, the girl next door type, the elegant ones or the office type?

Once you can identify the type you are afraid of approaching, you then determine why you feel the way you do? Is it because of your character or social differences? Is so, then show her your other side. She will appreciate the effort when you do. Who knows, she might even be impressed by the differences and be intrigued with it and thus wanting to be with you to know more.

Or is it because you feel unworthy of her attention because she is too rich or smart or beautiful? So what? No big deal. I am sure you have seen rich girls dating the average income man or the smart girl dating the high school dropout, haven't you? So if that is the case, why can't you date her?

Since there is nothing to lose but all to win, then why not approach her and find out for yourself if there is a possibility of talking and dating her?

As part of your plan in approaching girls, find out the places where you are more comfortable in walking up to them to start conversations. Are you more comfortable approaching women in crowded places or you prefer doing it in dance clubs? When you identify where you are more comfortable with, then go to those places more often and start approaching the women there. As you do it more often, it will become natural to you just to walk up to any girl and start a conversation confidently.

The magic formula in meeting and approaching women is to shore up your confidence. So the best way to gain confidence and eliminate your fear of rejection is to simply do it over and over again until that irrational fear of approaching girls is gone for good.

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