How To Know When A Girl Is Attracted To You

Believe me, if you already knew that a girl is attracted to you or not even though the both of you have not even met, then it will take a lot of guesswork and even embarrassment out of the equation when you approach girls to start a conversation, isn't it? This is because you will already knew beforehand who to approach and who will most likely respond to your seduction.

The problem for most men is that they don't even have a clue about it and just approach any girl they fancy randomly and the unfortunate ones are not just simply rejected but are sometimes rudely told off.

Therefore in order to understand if a girl has attraction for you, you have to study and read her body language. If you can detect certain signs that she is flirting with you when observing her, then you will know that she is attracted to you. The question then that begs an answer at this juncture will be so what are these flirting signs and signals?

OK, here are some tips to know whether she is attracted to you and that is if you see any of these female body languages, you will know that she already likes you.

Laughing - Now, a woman is attracted to you when she is laughing along with her friends and occasionally taking glances at you. You see, women instinctively knew that men are attracted to girls who have a sense of humor. So when she is laughing with her friends and then giving you furtive glances, she is trying to display her a sense of humor to you.

Eye Contact - Another flirting signal women sends to men to get them to approach her is to look directly at you and maintain eye contact with you. In the course of doing that, she may even smile at you. In fact, she is seducing you. Be mindful of this because this is one of the most obvious flirting body language you will receive from any woman!

Preening Herself - When a woman who likes you knows that you have noticed her, she will make a quick effort to look her best for you. To do this, she tends to preen her hair and clothes. They do this unconsciously and most of the time aren't even aware of what they are doing to get your attention.

When you see any of the above three body language signals a woman is sending to you, then it is time you approach her and strike up a conversation. When you do, do watch out for further flirting cues in her body language to you.

When a girl displays a degree of openness with her body language, she is demonstrating the classic sign of sexual attraction. Open body language simply means that her arms are opened and relaxed and her wrists are turned towards you.

During the conversation and that if she has affection for you, she will flirt even more by stroking her neck or touching her hair. If she really has it for you, she may also show some flesh such as revealing a bit more of her thigh. Now, this is getting interesting, isn't it?

From here onwards will depend on how you are able charm and seduce her even more and what the rest of the night will lead to. So the next time you are out, do be more observant on the body languages of girls around you so that you can detect the flirting signals of the girls who already liked and are attracted to you.

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