Listen to Your Parents

Two interesting definitions from the Urban Dictionary.

1. Young-minded: When a person does something that is so stupid, you simply must dismiss their actions as coming from an immature perspective.

Example: Rhianna was talking young-minded when she said she's in love with a thug.

Definition of Thug (noun) a violent person, esp. a criminal.

synonyms: ruffian, hooligan, vandal, hoodlum, gangster, villain, criminal

2. Young-minded: Not mature, inexperienced, naive, lacking intelligence

Example: Bobby could not hold a job because he was young-minded.

MY PERSONAL OPINION: I believe the advice that is given by parents is worth listening to. A youngster may not agree with their parent's, however their advice is still worth listening to. Class is always in session. Every day we learn something new... do you actually believe that a teenager has learned more life lessons than a 40 year old? I say no. If this were the case then teenagers would be school teachers, and adults would be hung-out into the pastures. Knowledge merely gives a person the ability to negotiate issues more logically and to have more options in life... I learned this from my cousin Phyllis--my listening-ears were on. I have learned so many great/important life lessons from those who are older than I cousins Kevin, Phyllis and James.

When parents are trying to give advice to young people and the young person cuts them off, as if the know what they are going merely preposterous. A teenager could not possibly have adequate experience to be able to predict what their parents are going to say...this type of action only causes communication problems between child(ren) and parent(s). Listen to your parents or other intelligent adults. They are trying to tell you something that will help you to negotiate something better than the way they handled it...when they were young-minded.

Why do think that parents fuss so much about having good grades in school and going to college? Because they know that without an education, you are going to be in a very tough spot when you get older. When you are young-minded you may not see this point yet. Why find this out the hard way? Just follow the guidance of intelligent adults.

Some young people believe that when they finish high school, they can move out and get an apartment. small problem. Who's going to pay for that? Teenager: "I will". Adult: "where you going to get the money?" Teenager: "I will get a job." What the teenager does not realize at the time is; it is very tough to find a job that will pay enough to live on your own...with a high school diploma, only. The young-minded never knew that they had utility and rent deposits...upfront. Some utility deposits are $250 for new services. New cable services are $150. Apartment rent deposits could be from $1800 to $2500...and that's living in the hood. I have a gut feeling that a grown up tried to tell them that, but they failed to listen. Why find this out the hard way? Just follow the guidance of intelligent adults.

Wouldn't you want to know rather there is danger around the corner...from someone who has been around that corner and survived it? I would.

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