Organize a Fairy Themed Birthday Party For Your Daughter

Are you wondering what to do for your daughter's next birthday party? If she is below the age of 7, she would most likely love to have a fairy themed birthday party. This is the age that most girls, with very few exceptions, believe in fairies. This makes your job extremely easy since you can give her a memorable party without having to put in too much effort or money.

The simplest way to organize a fairy themed birthday party is to buy branded supplies. You can buy fairy themed plates, napkins, decorations and much more from any store that sells birthday party supplies. This gives you the ideal opportunity to make the party as pretty as possible and your daughter will have a memorable day.

If you do not wish to buy everything ready-made, you could easily put together a fairy themed party without too much effort and at a fraction of the cost. If you have a computer, a printer and some imagination, you can work wonders.

You can find plenty of templates for birthday party invites online. Use them to make personalized invitations. You could sprinkle gilt on them to give the impression of pixie dust and this will be a great indicator of the fun to come. You can make inexpensive decorations out of streamers, interspersing them with large flowers made out of tissue paper with pink and mauve being the predominating colors. You could also print out pictures of fairies from your computer and decorate them with gilt to add to the magic of the ambiance.

Splurge on the cake since that will get a lot of attention from your daughter's little guests. Get a beautiful fairy birthday cake from a good cake shop if you cannot make and decorate one yourself. Make sure that there are lots of pretty drinks for the children to drink, and decorate them with little cocktail umbrellas for added effect. Raspberry or strawberry punch would be the best option here, because it will go very well with the decor. Make any sandwiches of your choice, but use large cookie cutters to shape them into stars, flowers or hearts. Cupcakes decorated with pretty sprinkles will also be appreciated even if you have a cake. You certainly won't have any complaints from your little guests.

Get a sufficiently large picture of a fairy and fix it to cardboard or to your child's notice board. Get the kids blindfolded and see who can pin the wand closest to the fairy's hand. You could buy or make a flower shaped piata and fill it with lots of candy and assorted goodies. You can easily get fairy themed pens, pencils or such to give away as party favors. Wrap them up in green net and tie with a mauve ribbon to make the gifts really pretty.

You don't even need to spend too much money if you plan well in advance. Your daughter and her friends will love this fairy themed party and they can talk about it for days afterwards.

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