Do Fairies Exist - What Would You Answer Your Daughter?

Does your daughter believe in fairies? Should you encourage this? Most little girls go through phases when they believe in fairies and elves. They have very fertile imaginations and they can build a whole world populated with these imaginary beings. The issue is that this is very real to them and they can very easily blur the lines between imagination and reality. Many parents face a dilemma about whether they should encourage this or put a stop to it.

Parents object to their daughters believing in fairies and all magical creatures for a variety of reasons. One of them is that they encourage escapism and teach little girls that magic and short cuts will provide them with easy solutions to their problems. Other parents object to them because they have come very far from the fairy stories of old and have been completely commercialized by toy and merchandize manufacturers. A casual examination of the girls section of toy stores will show you the large numbers of fairy themed toys available. A third argument against fairies is that they provide wrong role models to girls in a world when there is no longer relevance for old fashioned stereotypes of ultra feminine role models.

Many parents take the opposing view saying that this is an unnecessarily pessimistic and cynical view point. Girls have believed in fairies for generations and have grown up perfectly well for it. Fairies are a perfectly good outlet for their imaginations and they provide these little girls with hours of innocent play.

Even the way fairies are depicted in popular culture has changed and is in keeping with the times. Fairies are now shown as having strong personalities and very modern sensibilities. Indeed, it is very difficult for even the most fastidious parent to find fault with the way they are characterized. They will have no option but to admit that fairies, as depicted today, are something that little girls should certainly be allowed to believe in.

There is plenty of time ahead to learn about the harsh realities of life. There is no guarantee that believing in fairies, unicorns and the like will in any way hamper a child's intellectual development. As a matter of fact, a rich imagination and varied play time can only benefit the child in the long run. There is plenty of time for her to learn the truth of the world around her.

Fairies can also help the little girl develop an appreciation of all that is delicate and good and beautiful. This is certainly a quality that this increasingly violent world can benefit from. On the whole, it is far better to allow one's child to believe in positive and happy things rather than exposing them to the cynical and negative aspects of life. When your daughter asks you whether fairies exist, you should certainly tell her that they do. The biggest gift you can give her is that of an open and positive nature and believing in fairies goes a long way towards fostering that.

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